Wednesday, November 26, 2008


That was the sound associated with the loss of $10. We were having dinner tonight at the Iron Cactus on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. The food was great as was the beer.

A wandering mariachi band stopped by our table and kept pressing us for a type of music to play for us. I wanted that about as much as I like to have the waiters and waitresses sing happy birthday so I kept saying nothing. Gayle then requested that song. The guy looked at me and told me what it would cost I looked at Gayle and she just smiled so it was so long to the money. Later she told me she did not hear what he said. I assumed the smile was a go ahead.

We made it here today and are staying at a private park, Traveler's World. It is a nice park but not so nice neighborhood. But it is a good spot to see San Antonio.

We took the bus as there was a stop right in front of the park. That worked well, although we did have a young tattooed guy ask if he could borrow a cell phone so he could complete a drug transaction. No, seriously, he says he lost some keys and needed to call someone. I being the nice guy that I am told him we didn't have a phone, thank goodness it didn't ring about then.

About that time a family came on board and they all had phones. Well, you will be surprised to know that he moved back further in the bus but didn't seem to need a phone anymore.

One nice thing about our location is that the park is adjacent to the San Antonio River along which they have an eight mile bike trail. We rode that this afternoon and it was a nice ride.

Final thought, if any of you need to communicate with me in secret code be sure to use roman numerals. The bathhouse is locked and uses a four digit code. When she got to the lock the numbers were, you got it, roman numerals. I was surprised when she came back to the camper and took me back to figure this out.

All for now, Gayle is yelling at me.

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