Friday, April 3, 2009

Sumner Lake State Park/Puerto de Luna, NM

Took a couple short day trips around the area this week, first to    Sumner Lake State Park. It’s about 35 miles from Santa Rosa and we wanted to check it out for future reference. The drive south from Santa Rosa was very featureless, as was most of the park. Even though it’s around 4300’ elevation,  it is completely flat .  It is on a nice lake but the campgrounds weren’t all that pretty and it is in the middle of nowhere. Not a place we would probably come to stay but I’m sure it is popular with boaters on the weekends.


Today we needed to go to town for mail so headed  10 miles south of Santa Rosa  to the very small town of Puerto de Luna. It was the county seat in the late 1800’s and it’s claim to fame is that  Billy the Kid had friends there that he visited frequently. Nothing much left there now but a few ruins of old buildings and a church. The drive there was really beautiful, though. Red rock mountains all along the way. We were quite surprised at how scenic it is given the rest of the area.

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Hiked one of the trails at Santa Rosa State Park today. Nice views of the lake and dam but haven’t seen any animals here except a few birds. Luckily no snakes, either. Staying another night because of strong winds again tonight and tomorrow, which is becoming a regular thing here. Guess it’s the time of year.


Had to post another mirror shot, this one from the pantry mirror. Quincy and Oreo were play-fighting on the bed and Jim had a perfect view from his chair in the living room.


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