Friday, June 14, 2013

Prescott Valley, AZ


Sunset from the Fairgrounds RV park.


Wednesday morning we left the Mogollon Rim to make our way to Prescott, AZ to join the Southwest Lazy Daze group at the Fairgrounds RV Park.

Our 120 mile drive turned out to take almost 5 hours, due to a slow leak in one of the tires on the Lazy Daze, the check engine, traction control, and cruise control lights staying on in the Subaru, and stopping for groceries at a Wal-Mart in Payson. We did manage to get the tire repaired (it was a leaking rubber seal around a valve stem), I got our shopping done while Jim was at Big O, and the warning lights in the Subaru went off after we got here. Jim called the Subaru dealer and he said it was most likely a loose gas cap, and if that was the problem it would take a few cycles of turning the car off and on before it reset. And that’s exactly what happened. Of course, guess who got gas the last time? From now on I will leave that job to Jim.

The Fairgrounds RV Park is quite a change of pace after our last site, basically a parking lot with full hookups for $15, but it’s been fun seeing our old Lazy Daze friends and meeting some new people. There are only 7 rigs here, a very small group, but the weather got extremely hot, which probably kept some folks away.

Our view from the living room window. Yes, those are horse stables, but the racetrack is now closed.


One reason we wanted to come here is that several Lazy Daze owners live in Prescott and have told us about how nice it is here. As we are always looking for a possible place to settle down one day, we wanted to check it out.

So yesterday morning we took a short drive to Watson Lake for a hike around the Granite Dells, an interesting area of eroded granite dated at 1.4 billion years old. There is a 4.7 mile trail around the lake, but it was getting so hot we only walked a couple miles and climbed around on the rocks.

We forgot the camera but we got some pictures with our phones.






If I can get Jim up early one of these days I’d like to go back and hike the entire loop.

After our hike we went into Prescott to check out the historic downtown. We walked around the courthouse square and Whiskey Row, which is now just shops and restaurants. Had lunch at the Prescott Brewery where the food and the beer were both good.

The rest of the Lazy Daze group went to dinner and a show at the Prescott Opry last night. We listened to our fill of “family entertainment” working at the RV park in Mission last winter, so we passed on that.

There is a dirt car racetrack adjacent to the fairgrounds and they were practicing last night for the race on Saturday, so we walked over to watch. It was the first time I had seen this in real life, and it was actually pretty entertaining for a few minutes but can’t imagine sitting there watching cars go round and round for a couple hours.

Time for our pot luck breakfast. What else do RVers do as a group besides eat?


  1. Eat. Yes. Potlucks are the best. Beware of weird deviled eggs though.

  2. So, what was your opinion of Prescott as a settling down possibility?

  3. Love Prescott proper...and the Granite Dells...but never cared for Prescott Valley. Boy, the wind can really blow there! There is an RV park right at the edge of the Dells, FYI.
    Box Canyon Mark

  4. Your phones take really good photos. I got my new camera today and so far I LOVE it. I should get my laptop back Tuesday and will do a post review. My son owned a hot dog reataurent in Prescott. His partner lived there and really liked it.

  5. Glad you are enjoying Prescott Valley. We stayed at City of Rocks in April and enjoyed the area. The water in the Dells is much lower than when we were there.

  6. Yes fairgrounds aren't bad for a short stay from time to time. The fairgrounds in the Palouse were great. We are now at the fairgrounds of Tygh Valley, OR. $20/night for water/electric and good WiFi. It was very quiet here, but tomorrow the kiddie rodeo starts! The horse trailers and diesel engines are moving in…

  7. We were in Prescott for an overnight on a motorcycle trip. It was such a nice town. Some day I hope we get back for a longer stay. Now I know I need to visit to see the Granite Dells! I hope you get to hike the whole trail. Take lots of pictures.

    Enjoy your rally!

  8. There is a new one on me...pot luck breakfast. Never been to one of those. What did you take?

  9. Looks like a fun rock-filled hike...too bad it's so hot. We'll need to hit that area some time.

  10. I've been wihtout internet in the wilds of Pennsylvania for a few days so I'm behind in both posting and commenting. Your phone takes wonderful pictures. I'd want to do the whole loop too. Just don't understand how people can take the noise of those dirt car races. LOL at your last line. So true.