Monday, November 11, 2013

Hiking And Now Biking Near Zion



Yesterday morning our hiking group consisting of six people and three dogs went for a little jaunt along the Hurricane Rim Trail, in Hurricane, Utah. It was a perfect day for a hike as we gently climbed our way up. Once on the rim we had great views of Hurricane, LaVerkin, and the mountains.





Debbie, Rupert, Elliot, Boonie and Coffee Girl turned back at this overlook. We continued on with Mark and Bobbie to see if they could get us lost again.


Boonie, Coffee Girl and Mark, in deep contemplation.


Mark wanted to explore this wash, named from the community that built up here during the construction of an irrigation canal in the late 1800s.



We came to a stopping point at a dry fall. Jim made us nervous by trying to get closer to the edge to take pictures. Bobbie got  kind of close herself.



It was a long drop.


We turned around after a little over three miles since Mark was anxious to get home and watch football. It was an enjoyable hike and we didn’t even get lost! Of course this time Jim remembered his phone, and Mark still couldn’t get his hiking app to work.

Technology on the trail.


Today was mountain bike day with Mark, Bobbie, and Boonie. We rode a couple miles from the RV park to Sheep Bridge Rd, a dirt road where we were supposed to intersect with the JEM trail, a real single track mountain bike trail. I won’t go into details, but let’s say we had a little problem finding our way to the trailhead. We may have to hire new guides!


This trail was a blast to ride, and we were both very impressed with how well these 29” tire full suspension bikes perform. In fact Jim just flew along over rock steps and ledges like he knew what he was doing. I don’t think he’s had so much fun in a long time!

I did pretty good, myself, until the trail got a little too close for comfort to this canyon rim. We stopped for a photo break, but Jim was so far ahead he didn’t even realize.


Mark posing for a shot. We sure never had scenery like this when we used to ride mountain bikes in Florida.


Tomorrow our fearless leaders are taking us on a hike to Hellhole. We should probably be very afraid!




  1. What a great place to be with your new bikes!

  2. I try not to be too jealous. But honestly it's sooooo hard when i sit here in "Mildew" reading about your latest adventures! New bikes, yeah! I was talking with Pam Jones on Saturday about you guys and she ask if you still had your recumbents. Sounds like you are enjoying the new bikes. What did you get?

  3. Those first four photos look like paintings. Gorgeous!

    Maybe those guides should look at Google Earth before they take you out on the

  4. Gee, no dusk trail finding!? How boring...haha!

    I love just going off into a wash to see what it brings. Great adventure:)

    Good to hear from some newer bikers. I think we may need to trade our road bikes for trail bikes when we get back out west since we are planning to stay out there now. I am looking forward to more of your adventures. I am Pinning all the new trails for our next trip to Zion.

    1. You will definitely get more use out of mountain bikes out west. We thought we'd do more road riding but that just hasn't happened. Be sure to get full suspension bikes, though. We forgot how much fun it is to ride on trails!

  5. Have no fear, Underdogs! :) Nice photos, too...
    Box Canyon Markl

  6. Well you may get lost but you sure have a good time. Gorgeous pictures of your fun. I'm still taking notes.

  7. Great photo's. Love that you can take the dogs along with you. Some really nice views.

  8. Love that last shot with Mark admiring the "postcard" view.