Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Richardson Grove RV Park, Garberville, CA


Yesterday we drove a long, slow 40 miles on Highway 1 to 101 to Richardson Grove Campground and RV Park south of Garberville, CA.


We did not hook up the Subaru, and I led the caravan with Jim and Debbie following. Highway 1 leaves the coast not far from Westport and winds its way through the redwoods up and down a very narrow road with many hairpin turns for 22 miles until you get to 101 at Leggett. We saw quite a few cyclists going south, and only one logging truck going north in front of us, and fortunately there was not much traffic otherwise. It’s good I was driving since I got a little queasy at times and can imagine I would have been miserable as Jim’s passenger.

This is a Passport America park, $16.83 for full hookups, a nice but older bathroom with good showers, and laundry facilities. It’s owned and operated by the Northern CA/NV District Assemblies of God. The nice ladies in the office did not try to convert us, and other than a few Bible verses taped up in the laundry room, we never would have known.

It was 90 here yesterday, so our A/C was cranking all afternoon. Later in the day we took a ride north of Garberville to Avenue of the Giants and Humbolt Redwoods State Park to walk through groves of old growth Coast Redwoods.

We were really out there looking for Bigfoot, but he may have been napping due to the heat.






Today we move back to the coast.


  1. Looks like a quick trip to grab some redwoods. They are amazing.

  2. I wonder if you are headed north up 101 anytime soon. I am in Redding till the end of the week (record high here today!) but come Friday I will head west on 299 toward the coast, up through Eureka, Crescent City, and the Redwood NP (Hoping for Jedediah Smith, if it's not too crowded.) Let me know if you are around any of those areas...would love to say hello to a fellow Box Canyon follower. ;-).

  3. Isn't the Avenue of the Giants wonderful!! What amazingly beautiful trees:) Did you see the news report on the people poaching the big knots from the trees for furniture? It was sad to see huge slabs cut off the side of those gentle giants.

  4. That is a beast of a road and one of the worst encounters we've had with an aggressive logging truck on our tail. We managed to squeeze over to the roadside with barely enough room for him to whiz by. At the next hairpin turn we found the truck jackknifed in the middle of the road. Thankfully no one was hurt, just in a hurry! Beautiful photos of the redwoods.