Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Browns Creek Falls


On Monday there was a good chance of afternoon thunderstorms, and it was already cloudy when we arrived at the Browns Creek trail head off County Road 272 between Poncha Springs and Buena Vita, CO. In our typical fashion it was almost noon before we hit the trail but I was hoping the forecast was right about storms starting after 3pm.

This is a three mile one way trail to the falls, starting at 8,900’ with about 900’ of climbing. Unfortunately almost all of the climbing comes in the first 1.5 miles, so it’s pretty steep and rocky in places. We did get lucky and the skies cleared on the way up to the falls.


Most of the trail is through the forest but there are some nice open meadows and occasional views.




The second half of the trail is mostly level. The aspen leaves were beginning to change as we got higher.




There are several creek crossings with decent bridges so no wet feet.



The falls are a little ways off the trail but there is a small sign marking the turn.


Log jam downstream of the falls.


This is a surprisingly large waterfall. In fact I was wondering it there would even be much water in it at this time of the year.


Our photos don’t do it justice, but it was impressive.



We turned around at the falls for a pleasant 6 mile hike, but if you are so inclined the trail continues on for another 4 miles to Mt. Antero, one of Colorado’s fourteeners.

Well, no word yet on our mail. Jim filed an inquiry with the post office but after it arrived in Jacksonville it seems it just disappeared. We’re hoping for some word today, as we will need to dump and get propane in the next day or two and were planning to leave Poncha Springs then. We aren’t feeling too confident that it will ever show up.


  1. Well, that's just demoralizing about your mail. How frustrating! On a brighter note, I'm sure the yellow aspen leaves were a lovely sight up-close.

  2. We have had one mishap with our mail service this past year but after a week of delays and inquiries we finally received it. Hopefully that will be the same for you. I love this time of year when the aspens start to turn…lovely.

  3. Great water fall, especially for this time of year! It is nice to read that there are other people out there that don't hike before the sun comes up:) So glad you made it with some blue sky and missed the rain. It is hard to miss the rain here in Park City because that is all is has done since we arrived with a little hail mixed in and snow at the higher elevations. Today is suppose to be the last day!! We might actually get out of the 40's today!

  4. We tried to do that trail during a previous trip in the spring and there was a lot of water on the trail. Didn't get too far.

  5. Love all the little glimpses of fall colors. Those log jams always remind me how powerful that otherwise serene water can be! Hope the mail is there today:-)

  6. Definitely looks like fall at high altitude, here too. Crossing fingers you're mail has arrived.