Tuesday, April 23, 2019

A Short Trip to San Diego

We recently spent a couple days in San Diego visiting with Terry and LuAnn, who were house and dog sitting there. It was a bit cool and windy but we had fun taking one of the dogs, golden retriever Kaiya, to Fiesta Island's dog beach. Poor Sugar, a sweet older yellow lab, was dealing with some skin allergies and per vet's orders wasn't permitted to romp in the sand and water. 

Kaiya only wanted to chase the ball. She had no interest in playing with other dogs, try as they might,

The ring toy never left this one's mouth.

Kaiya waiting for Jim to throw the ball, again.

The funniest dog was Blueberry, a feisty French bulldog who grabbed the ball tosser from LuAnn and wouldn't let go.

What a face!

But the award for cuteness went to this Maltese who hid between its owner's legs for protection from all the bigger dogs running around.

One day we walked around San Diego University, a lovely campus with flowers everywhere.


Impressive landscaping

LuAnn, Terry and Jim admiring the fountain

USD is a Catholic college with tuition over $50,000/year

We just had to try out the big chairs

View from our walk

No trip to San Diego is complete without visiting a couple breweries. A friend of Terry's from high school was also in town, so he met us for dinner at Amplified Aleworks on Pacific Beach. We enjoyed the food and beer, and after dinner took a little stroll along the boardwalk.

It's always nice to see the ocean again.

The next evening we opted for Pizza Port, a brewery and restaurant in Ocean Beach that we visited three times when we spent a month in San Diego several years ago. It was as good as we remembered. 

Meanwhile, back at Jojoba Hills, we are getting ready to head out in a few days for Prescott, AZ.

Still quite a few flowers in bloom.

It's definitely Spring!


  1. Nice that you got to get away from the heat a little. I am see Fountain Hills in your future!!!

    1. It was actually too cool in San Diego. Our weather here at Jojoba has been really pleasant, but then we like the low 80s.
      Yes, Fountain Hills could be the place!

  2. Ah...the smell of the sea. If you put a gun to my head and said "You have to live in a big city," San Diego would make the top 5.

    1. For a big city San Diego would be a good one. No danger in you ever living in a "real" city!

  3. Everybody needs a beach fix once in a while and bonus if it includes dogs. The spring flowers are gorgeous. Safe trip north. Sorry I'm going to miss you.

    1. The beach and dogs are such a fun combination.

  4. I am surprised that the dog beach didn't bring on a dramatic "religious" conversion in you, with you switching your loyalty from felines to dogs.

    1. We love dogs, but they sure are a lot more trouble than cats. There's no chance in us converting our loyalty to canines :-)

  5. Looks like a very fun weekend with LuAnn and Terry. I agree, for a big city, San Diego is a great place! The only drawback is that it's a big city, LOL.
    Hmmm...wondering who you might be visiting in Prescott??

  6. What a great weekend!!! We love the beach...nothing better except maybe the mountains!!! We’ve never been to San Diego but it looks lovely!!