Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bisbee, AZ

P2170327 Left Deming on Monday with our friend and fellow Lazy Daze owner,  Debbie.   We are all headed to Tucson for the get-together next week and wanted to see a few other places in Arizona on our way.  Spending a few days in Bisbee,  a quirky little town that was once a thriving copper mining community.

Unfortunately there are no public campgrounds nearby so we are staying at a private park about 9 miles from Bisbee called Double Adobe Campground and Shooting Sports.  Should have guessed what the name meant so as it turns out they have a skeet shooting range adjacent to the campground. Luckily the shooting seems to start after 10 in the morning but it is a little scary seeing all the guys with shotguns walking around.  Met another Lazy Daze owner here who has been full timing in his 26’ for over 5 years.

Went into Bisbee yesterday to sightsee and window shop. Apparently after the copper mines dried up in the 70’s lots of artists made this their home. Now the main industry is tourism. We had to stop by the Shady Dell, an RV park with restored, vintage  campers, mostly Airstreams. You rent them nightly like a motel room. We got to go into a couple and they were really cute. They had an old fashioned diner, also.




There were cute little shops lining the main street of town. Saw quite a few things we would have liked but the beauty of living in a small RV is that we have no room to put anything.

Many of the houses are built up on the hillsides and there are hundreds of stairs leading up to the homes from Main St. We spotted an old Lazy Daze up on a hill and tried to drive up to it since we were wanting to see what it was like up in the residential area. Seemed to be mostly alley ways leading to the houses so we finally parked in town and walked up many stairs to get there. Not sure if they use the RV much since there was just a steep, narrow dirt road leading out of the driveway.

Also ate a great veggie pizza at a local deli so it was another good day!

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