Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nothing Much Happening Except…


Sunday evening a little after 8 we hopped in the golf cart to make our nightly run to the beach. It was hot and there were still a few cars and some swimmers. What caught our eye was a car with three young people, one working on the lock on the trunk, the other working on the door, and another trying to jam something in a window. Turns out the key broke off in the trunk and they were trying to get in. All they had on them were bathing suits, so their cell phones were in the car. We offered to call someone for them but they said they didn’t know any phone numbers, and there really wasn’t anyone to call to bring another key, as they were from Cape Girardeau, over an hour away.

Jim asked them if they wanted us to call a locksmith and they said yes, so we went back to the RV and  called the park superintendant at home, We thought maybe this had come up before and she knew who to call, but she didn’t. So we got on the internet and found the nearest one in Poplar Bluff. He wanted to talk to them and tell them how much it would be, so we took our cell phone to the beach and got the locksmith back on the phone. When he told one of the guys it would be $100 if he could make a key, and $60 if he could just get the car open, the young woman who owned the car went on a tirade about how she would just break into the car rather than pay the locksmith that much money, etc, using the F word about a dozen times. At that point, we just said “good luck” and left them. And as surprising as it might seem, they never even thanked us!

Wanda called us back to tell us she contacted Carl, who rents the cabins and lives in the park, and asked him to go down to the beach and make sure they were able to get the car started. She was going to have him put them up in a cabin for the night if they couldn’t leave the park. We thought sleeping in the car would have been fine, but Wanda is a very nice person.

We found out yesterday that the locksmith was able to make them a key, so they were able to leave. And he only charged them $75, probably because that’s all they could scrape together. Carl said the girl pulled out a wad of ones and fives, her tips from her job as a dancer.  So that’s why she had all that navel jewelry and strategically placed tattoos!

It’s so much fun being a camp host!


  1. There are a million stories in the naked city (park)! :)

  2. Maybe she danced for the locksmith to cover the remaining $25. HA!!!

  3. Sounds like you guys are having way too much fun!LOL