Monday, February 18, 2013

California Dreaming and Please Don’t Be Anonymous



As the end of March will soon be approaching, we decided we should start planning where to go when we leave Texas. Since we’ve yet to visit Yosemite National Park, that is where we’re setting our sights.

Unfortunately I had no luck in getting reservations at the campgrounds in the park, so we are looking for suggestions on somewhere else nearby, preferably Forest Service campgrounds or boondocking spots. We really wanted to stay in the Valley, even though we know the campgrounds will be crowded, just to be able to easily walk or take the shuttle to the trails, and we intend to keep checking for cancellations. But if anyone has other ideas, please let us know. We hope to be there sometime in mid-May when the waterfalls are at their peak and before school is out for the summer.

We also plan to do the 395 drive, and visit Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Park. We have lots of research to do!

The other day we hiked a trail in Bentsen State Park and discovered that palo verde trees get pretty yellow flowers on them.


We also spent a long time watching this beautiful Altamira oriole eating grapefruit.


We probably get at least a half dozen anonymous spam comments on the blog every day, and although it is just a matter of marking them as spam and deleting them, we have gotten tired of it. So as of today, all anonymous comments will be blocked. Sorry if this causes anyone inconvenience.

On another note, Elvis had no problems with his neutering. In fact it didn’t slow him down even a little bit.

Sometimes they just fall asleep wherever they stop. Kittens are so cute!



  1. Love the kitty photos. I have 3 and they are adorable.

  2. I would not recommend going to Yosemite that early. The passes are still closed and so is half the park. May would be a better month.

  3. Those spam comments are a pain in the tush for sure.

  4. If your looking for great boondocking sites along 395 I would recommend an E-Book by Marianne Edwards called A Frugal Shunpiker‟s Guide. I bought it last year and it was worth every penny. I used it extensively. You can read more about it at

    Good luck with reservations at Yosemite.

  5. We loved Yosemite National Park. There is so much to see there. Don't miss any of those parks. Each one offers something different.

    Glad Elvis is doing so well.

  6. Can't tell you much about Yosemite boondocking, but Hwy 395 is my favorite highway ever!! Someday I am going to drive the entire length of it, from Washington to California. Have you traveled it before? Sure lots to see.

  7. I'll be watching the comments on Yosemite. We want to do that loop too and I guess you have to make reservations about a year in advance in order to stay in the parks. Good to know that May is not too early though. It's hard to know where to go during the way too crowded summer. Boondocking in outerspace might work.

  8. Awww, your kitties are adorable. They do crash out when they get worn out. Kind of a nice reprieve from kitty antics!

  9. Ended up blocking anonymous comments not long ago ... for the same reason you did. It just got to be tiresome having to delete them all.

  10. Love the kitty pics! Elvis is just hilarious.
    I have the books by Marianne Edwards that Jimbo mentioned if you want to see them. Yes, definitely worth the read.
    I went to Yosemite a year ago October. I boondocked at Mono Lake and got to see the area around Mammoth Lakes...very pretty. The Sequoias can't be missed...just amazing to see! Well, just so much to see in the whole'll love it!
    Mary (& Houdi)

  11. I don't mind deleting all the spam, as long as it doesn't show up on my posts. Someday spammers will outwit the spam catchers and then I will either quit blogging, or do what you did.
    Box Canyon Mark

  12. When we were there and unable to secure any kind of accommodation, we were told about an area outside of the West entrance. We were car camping at the time, and fire restrictions, among other things kept us from following the directions. Unfortunately I've forgotten the details. My take on finding a place along 395 is that it's 75 miles to the Valley along winding roads with speed limits. In and out on the same day is not fun. We did that, and ignored Cali gas stations, almost running out in the Nevada desert.

    There is boondocking available on the west side, I just don't know how to tell you to get there. Hopefully someone will know. The information was given to us by a ranger in the park valley.