Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Roundup On Casa Diablo Road


First morning of the government shut down and we are affected. The ranger came and told everyone we had to be out of Horton Creek Campground today. We were afraid that might happen, so we had already topped off our water before they arrived. They locked the restrooms, covered up the water faucets with plastic bags, and put up the closed signs. We wanted to dump before leaving, and they said the water was still on and we could use the dump even though a bag was over the spigot.

We weren’t sure where to go, as we weren’t crazy about the places we had found off Buttermilk Road, so we asked the ranger if there were any other areas to disperse camp. They suggested the volcanic tablelands off Casa Diablo Road. We drove the cars and found a suitable spot. Debbie left her car and we went back to get the rigs. Surprisingly it didn’t appear that anyone else was packing up to leave. Maybe they hoped the shutdown would end today and they would be fine staying there.

Shortly after we pulled into our new site and were getting leveled, I heard something and looked up to see this. Made me think of Boonie and his recent posts about horses.



Debbie had stopped for gas so she was just making her way up the road. She had to stop and let them pass, and said many of the horses brushed up against her Lazy Daze as they went by. This was definitely a first for us.


We like our new site. It’s closer to Bishop and has nice rocks for climbing directly behind us.


Sophie loves bouldering.


As does Debbie’s dog Rupert.



  1. Good that you were prepared to move to a new location. Looks like a nice find:) Enjoy!

  2. That's a fine boondock...complete with a pet climbing wall :))
    My conservative leanings are getting fed up with minority Tea Partiers throwing wrenches in the gears of commerce. I will do my part to de-elect them come re-election time. If only there was a viable alternative (sigh).

  3. That looks like a fine spot to settle. What more could you want. And with Bishop so close, a quick visit to Schat's Bakkery might not be a bad idea!!

  4. One of our cats would have loved bouldering, but he was a klutz and would have hung himself. They other was very graceful but wouldn't have been interested.

  5. What a mess the government has created. So many RVers are effected by the government shutdown. Sorry to hear you were too.

    Enjoy the Bishop area while you're there. I second that you visit Schat's Bakery. Mmmmm!

    There are definitely some good bouldering areas up closer to the Sierras. Ask in Bishop for the area where all the Westerns were filmed in the 50s and 60s. As kids our family took us there and we had a blast climbing around on the boulders. I think the area is called the Alabama Hills. Check it out at a visitor center.

  6. Chica says Hi to Sophie and Rupert. She misses them along with Elvis and Elliot.