Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hickman Bridge and Rim Overlook Trail


But first, the good news that these shots were taken the night after the incident with our Panasonic Lumix FZ 200 after hanging it out to dry. The low humidity here in southern Utah may have been the saving grace.

Hard to believe this is our view out the front windshield.


The zoom was a bit hesitant at first, but after trying several times it began to function properly.


And again it worked fine the next morning at sunrise. We may have gotten extremely lucky!



Instead of of driving miles and miles Tuesday to the Upper Muley Twist Canyon with Mark, Bobbie, Maikel, and Susan for what sounded to be another killer hike, Jim and Allison and Debbie decided to join us for a shorter hike in Capitol Reef National Park up to Hickman Bridge, then on to the Rim Overlook. We had hiked the mile up to the bridge when we were here before but didn’t do the overlook trail. Turned out to be six miles round trip with quite a bit of climbing, but there was no mud, no pools of water, and we all managed to stay on our feet. What more can you ask for on a hike?

It started at the Fremont River.


And climbed up to Hickman Bridge, a huge rock arch.


We went under and around the bridge.


Jim went off exploring and found some petroglyphs.


We got to look at stunning scenery and colorful rocks up the nearly 1,500’ of elevation gain.



It felt like a long way up to the overlook, but was worth every step for a lunch spot like this, overlooking the Fruita area of Capitol Reef.



A good workout with good company, and our camera worked.

Yesterday morning we did a group bike ride on a nice dirt road a few miles from our campsite. There were a fair amount of ups and downs and some rocky sections, but it was fun to be on the bike using some different leg muscles.


Today is our 32nd wedding anniversary, and on October 6, 2008 we left the real world and began our fulltime RV adventure. Time really does fly!


  1. Yes, please add my congratulations for both anniversaries! Hope to get back on the road one of these days. Am so jealous of your many venues!!! I love travelling along with you.

    Thrilled to read that your Lumix survived! That is so great!!! I have a FZ 150, and really like it, but I've never been able to get shots of the moon like the one shown in your blog. Do you use the extended zoom? I've never tried that because I thought it would be like a digital zoom result, but I'm very impressed with your moon shot!

    Virtual hugs,


    1. Yes, the moon shot was with the digital zoom. It is a great camera.

    2. The moon photo is just stunning! Perhaps I need another camera......

  2. It has been 20 years since I hiked to Hickman Bridge. Loved seeing the photos. Of course I can't wait for the Muley Twist post either...I have never completed that hike, just down and back. Ahh Capitol Reef. The perfect place.

  3. Happy Anniversary! You must have married young. Great news about the camera. It does take gorgeous pictures.

  4. Happy double anniversary! And I'm glad to hear that the Lumix FZ200 has recovered from its dunking.

  5. Happy double anniversary!

    Great happy for you that the camera survived! I guess there really is something great about an extremely dry climate!

  6. It is great your camera is working. What a relief, I am sure. Happy Anniversaries. You went full-time 4 months before we did. Now, we are buying a winter home, but will continue to RV in the summer.

  7. So much fun all in one post! Amazing moon and sunrise pics! Love the trail! Happy Anniversaries!!!!!

  8. What an incredible moon "shot"! And the view from Rim Overlook is breathtaking. We've been to Capital Reef several times - it's one of our favorite national parks - but we've never done that trail or seen that view. Looks like Utah got plenty of rain for all the green to still be there. (Not like California right now, where we are.)

  9. Happy Anniversary on both milestones! Still following and greatly enjoying your adventures. We camped near a silver and white Lazy Daze with Iowa tags a few weeks ago here in Maryland. Thought it might be Chuck and Carla, but it turned out to be friends of theirs from the same area. Hope we cross paths with you again someday down the road.


  10. Wow! I may have to go dunk my camera in some water - the moon and sunrise shots are incredible! Love the changing colors on our hike - how I miss seeing running water here in CA :-( Congrats on a couple wonderful anniversaries - certainly a testament to the ability to stay together in tight quarters :-)

  11. We are looking forward to doing this hike. Two years ago the area was closed because a large section vame down on the trail.

    Great to hear the camera works:) Gotta love the dry air.

  12. Happy, happy anniversaries!! Love seeing all this again through your eyes. So glad to hear about your camera. Definitely a quick dry out and great pictures.