Thursday, October 2, 2014

Last Days in Provo


In spite of the weather the past few days we’ve managed to get out for some walks. On Monday we drove a few miles up Provo Canyon to Nunn’s Park, where we parked and walked along the Provo River Parkway to Bridal Veil Falls and beyond.



It’s an impressive 607’, with a steep hiking trail to the to top of the falls. With thunderstorms all around we decided this wasn’t a good idea, but we saw quite a few people going up and down the trail. And playing in the falls.



The next day a woman’s body was found here by another hiker but it hasn’t been determined if she fell or committed suicide. Or was pushed?

Tuesday we just stayed close to home and walked along the river trail and out on the jetty at the lake. Debbie arrived that afternoon, happy to be out of the rain, snow and cold in the Tetons. We got out of there just in time. Then we did some laundry, dodging thunderstorms. Exciting day.


Yesterday we took a drive in the Wasatch Mountains on the Alpine Loop Scenic Byway to Sundance, at the base of 12,000’ Mt. Timpanogos, and developed by Robert Redford, who still has a house there.



Until the ski season begins you can take your mountain bike up the lift and ride the ski trails back down. No, thanks.


We drove a few miles past Sundance to the Aspen Grove trailhead, where we hiked a couple miles to Stewart Falls. The aspens are just beginning to change color here.



A couple of the Sundance homes we could see from the trail. How the other half lives.



It was in the mid 40s, windy, with dark clouds hanging overhead. Not long after we left the falls it began snowing. Hard! It was better than cold rain and about halfway back it stopped and the sun actually came out for a little while.

We really like the Provo area and would come back again. Today we’re off to Torrey.

Brian and Leigh, this will be your view next week. And it looks like the weather will be beautiful.



  1. Beautiful photos - even in the clouds, the mountains and surrounding scenery is stunning. Sad and a bit scary about the fallen hiker :-( , and certainly confirms your choice not to hike the falls that day! Amazing that homes that size now "fit" within their respective forests, what a front yard :-)

  2. I think there is a Bridal Veil Falls in just about every state.
    Oh my gosh...that poor woman.
    Your last photo is gorgeous!

  3. Gorgeous falls. Sorry to hear someone was killed there. Don't think I want that weather. You guys are intrepid. Can't wait to see you in Capitol Reef.

  4. Made it into AZ today, and it was good to feel warm again. :)

  5. Brrrr...! We awoke to 28 degrees yesterday in Northern California...but no snow or rain or other freezing wet stuff! Sure is pretty there!

  6. Just one day!!!! We will be arriving in about an hour. You needed to stay one more day...darn! So close:) We are looking forward to meeting Leigh, Brian, and Curtis tomorrow. Safe travels!!

    1. Sorry we missed you! Hope you got a good site. Just came back from hiking with Mark and Bobbie in Capitol Reef. We forgot how beautiful the red rock is!