Sunday, August 23, 2015

Washington Gulch Trail, Crested Butte, CO


We’re enjoying our time in the Crested Butte area so far with our Lazy Daze entourage in the meadow. From left, Chris, Chuck and Carla, us and Debbie.


We went into town one night for pizza and beer at The Brick Oven. Gourmet pizza and 30 beers on tap, what’s not to like! And most days we’ve spent hiking, as usual.

We did a nice hike on the Washington Gulch trail about 5 miles up the road from our campsite. Good thing Chuck drove their Jeep to the 11,000’ trailhead, as the road gets pretty rough and steep. It is a beautiful trail, but we’re still having haze from the western fires so it didn’t make for the best views.


We passed an old mine along the way.



Climbed gradually to views with more mining equipment below.


Chuck and Carla are slowly adjusting to the altitude change from Iowa.




We came across a memorial bench in need of repair.

Crested Butte, CO

And continued on to an overlook.




I kept going down the trail while they were hanging around the overlook, but it was a steep descent to Gothic Valley and I knew my trail mates would not want to come back up, so we turned around there for about a 3 mile hike. A dark cloud with cold rain and strong wind came over us on our way back so it was a good thing we turned back when we did.



We saw several people on mountain bikes on the trail but it was much too steep for biking in our opinion. Of course they all looked to be in their twenties, which makes a difference. If the haze clears up we would like to go back and hike this one again.


  1. Nice! I'm behind you somewhere...

  2. That looks about right for a three mile hike. Was that one way or round trip? We want to be in Colorado in late September.

  3. Gorgeous views, even with the haze. Speaking of which, I arrived in Leadville today and am seeing some clear skies (finally!).

  4. More good views and hikes, but where's the beer? :)

  5. Even with the haze those are some mighty fine views. Wonder who carried the seats up there. Pretty sweet spot. I’d definitely go back and hike that one again. Really lovely. I am just amazed at your groups of hiking buddies. First one and then the other. A mini Lazy Daze rally in the boonies. Very nice!

  6. Looks like a great boondocking spot. I hope you're taking coordinates. ;-D

  7. Boy, you are certainly getting some haz from the fires, but the views are still nice:) I guess Suzanne is out for joining LazyDaze!! Haha! I understand why one would need to adjust to the elevation from Iowa. Not much elevation here in Iowa:) Can't wait to back to climbing!!

  8. More gorgeous country! It's too bad about the smoke haze, we've got a bit here in MT too. I'm just hoping it doesn't get so bad we don't want to be exerting ourselves in it!

  9. What a fun convergence in the mountains. Wonderful vistas from your hike, love that there are still wildflowers up there!

  10. It's too bad you are getting some haze from the fires, as are we from all the WA fires. Even so, you are still getting some gorgeous views.