Tuesday, August 9, 2016

More Sawtooth Scenes and More Cat Problems



With the threat of thunderstorms Saturday we took a drive south to check out some lakes in the area. Our first stop was Petit Lake, where we got a little rain under some really dark skies. We wanted to hike along the lake but decided to stop back by on our way home if the weather cleared.




Next we stopped at Alturas Lake. There were a lot of families on the beach but not too many people in the cold water.


We continued over 8,701’ Galena Summit to see what the road was like for driving with the Lazy Daze (not bad but we won’t hook up the car), and to find our Hemet, CA friends George and Tina, who are camping off Prairie Creek Road south of the pass. They have a nice spot along the creek, and our plan is to join them today. Unfortunately the smoke came back again Sunday as there is another fire near Stanley Lake, so the weekend wasn’t very pleasant around here for hiking. Too bad because there are many more trails we would like to check out.

We did get to hike along Petit Lake on our way back, starting at the Tin Cup Hiker Trailhead, and walking the mostly level trail for about 1.2 miles to the beginning of the wilderness at the end of the lake.




We started packing up yesterday morning due to the smoke, and then the air suddenly began to clear so we decided to spend one more night and go for one last hike at nearby Redfish Lake. We started from the same trail as the hike we did on the Alpine Way trail last week, but this time took a left to Bench Lakes. It’s a four mile gradual climb gaining around 1,200’. We’ve yet to have a really clear day here but the views were still nice.

Looking down over Redfish Lake.



Redfish Lake from much higher up.





Not much in the way of wildlife sightings. We accidently spilled a bunch of trail mix by the lake, so I’m sure some of these guys were having a feast after we left.


First Bench Lake, elevation 7,750’, our turn around point.




We are definitely moving on today. There is no signal of any kind at our next location, but we already have plans to meet up with fellow bloggers at a brewery in Ketchum tonight where we can get our fix of both beer and internet.

There is a big problem we need to come up with a solution for, and that is the cats. They had another incident last night while looking out the screen in the living room. Our neighbor’s German Shepherd escaped and was running around near our site. Neither of us saw exactly what happened but we suspect one of the cats got startled by the other and a fight ensued. Jim finally got Elvis back in the bedroom before they killed each other, and we had to keep them separated all night, which meant not much sleep for us due to the scratching and meowing at the bedroom door. I thought things were fine this morning when I decided to let them be back together while I got their food ready. All was well until Sophie finished first and then tried to put her head in Elvis’s bowl. He hissed, then they both hissed and started swatting, while I snatched up Elvis and threw him back in the bedroom.

I think they really need more space, and we are all going to lose our minds unless we find them a better home. Maybe they will become permanent residents of Idaho. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


  1. No dear. I don't like reading this about the furkids. It is just so strange that they have been good buddies and then all of a sudden this happens. Maybe it is just a temporary situation. I have never heard of this happening with dogs or cats.

    1. It's a thing with cats.Second time its happened. They are doing better today.

  2. Really beautiful lakes. Your pictures of First Bench are so lovely with the clouds reflected in the water. Really sorry to hear Elvis and Sophie are having difficulties. What to do, such a tough dilemma.

  3. Love the lake photos, such a beautiful area! I'm sorry the cats are having issues - that's a problem for sure. I hope you are able to work it out, or find good homes for them. I'd hate to see one get really hurt in a fight, and the vet $$$ wouldn't be good either. Good luck.

  4. We have been fortunate to skirt around smoke even when we have been in fire areas. Sorry to say that my kitties are also going through spats... and they are sisters. They have been together for 14 years and just battles are ongoing whether we are at home or on the road. So far no blood has been drawn....Someday it will be a one cat house as there is only enough room for one queen!

  5. I came south to Stanley with fires right up to the road. Such beautiful country--It's a shame to see such a beautiful place go up in fire, but I guess it's nature's way of renewal. Sorry about your cats--silly question, I know, but are they both neutered or spayed? When Rich and I were in that area we saw a magnificent wolf and plenty of elk. There were no fires at that time so maybe the wildlife gets on the move when it knows a fire is in the area. Always love reading your blog. I'm starting to make time to read some--since I'm not on the sofa with a bad back I don't know where the days go.

  6. So sorry to hear about the fur babies. Wonder if one of them is sick and in pain of some sort so would be on edge. Maybe the fire has them on edge. I know animals can sense things we do not and they might be in a flight mode with all the smoke. Hope things work out and they get to move to your next destination with you instead of being left behind :(

  7. The lakes are beautiful!! That is quite a storm brewing. Sorry to hear about the cats. Try calling a few local vets to see if they have a suggestion. My sister found a farm for one of her cats that worked out well through a local vet. Good Luck!

  8. Looks like a great hike—the scenery at Redfish Lake is spectacular! So sorry to hear about the kitty fights. That's a challenging situation, for sure. :-(

  9. I would ask the same question ... are they fixed? My friends had the same kitty problems. All of a sudden they became enemies. Every time there was a fight, the aggressor got put in the bedroom for at least three hours. It happened quite often. Finally, after about two weeks, they got the message and there was no more fighting.

  10. Beautiful hiking, despite the smoke.

    What is up with your kids???? Perhaps you can find a home for just one of them???

  11. We will definitely have to visit Stanley at some point. The views look very inviting. I have never heard of cats being good buds, then suddenly having these kinds of issues. Perhaps this is just a phase they are going through? But what to do in the meantime. Nina seems to know a lot about cats and dogs and they have two cats of their own. Perhaps she would have some ideas.

  12. Beautiful scenery pictures. I'd love to hike that area and kayak and fish in some of those lakes! Sorry about the kitties.

  13. The cats need more physical exercise, my pair chase and fight twice a day and neither are over weight.

  14. Hope this helps. Good Luck

    Help Your Cats Get Along Again


  15. I knew we should have gone to Petit Lake. Pretty

  16. Sorry to hear about the kitty problem. Does look like you got in a couple nice hikes despite the smokey and stormy skies.

  17. Oh boy, I can just imagine the noise and conversation inside the house when the fur babies are not getting along.
    Idaho will be our last state to visit and you have given us lots of options. Great photos of clear lakes.

  18. You might want to try pheromone collars for the cats and see if that helps calm them. Pheromone products also come in plug-in diffusers and spray form. And there are calming pills that can be crushed and mixed in wet food. All of these products can be found online. I hope this is just a temporary phase for the kitties.

  19. You might want to try pheromone collars for the cats and see if that helps calm them. Pheromone products also come in plug-in diffusers and spray form. And there are calming pills that can be crushed and mixed in wet food. All of these products can be found online. I hope this is just a temporary phase for the kitties.

  20. These suggestions from Michelle D. Cook, catlackey extraordinaire (catlackeys.com).

    Try pheromone collars (for the cats) or Feliway spray or plug-in diffusers. Or calming pills that can be crushed and mixed in with wet food. All of which can be found online. I hope this is a temporary phase the cats are going through and that their humans can wait it out.

    1. Thanks,we will look into that. We tried some calming liquid but it didn't work.