Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Jasper National Park, Whistlers Campground

Yesterday we had another lovely drive of 75 miles from Valemount to Whistlers Campground in Jasper National Park east along Highway 16, also known as Yellowhead Highway. The drive passes through Mount Robson Provincial Park, so we stopped at the visitor center to get some information. If you Google images of Mount Robson you will see a spectacular peak,  but it was very overcast so this is what we saw.


Continuing on we could tell this would be a spectacular drive on a clear day. We crossed the Continental Divide into Alberta and Mountain Time.


There was very little traffic given it was Labor Day, which is also a holiday in Canada.


It began to clear up as we neared the park. We had to stop at the entrance gate and buy our Parks Canada Passes, which cost us close to $100 USD.


As we pulled into the campground check-in station we were surprised to see a gray Lazy Daze pulling a red Jeep with Iowa tags, our friends Chuck and Carla. Since we both entered Canada we have had no way to contact each other, so we were hoping they made it.


Our site in Whistlers Campground. We have electric only and had to stop at the water fill station on the way in. The campground is better than we expected for a national park.


We spent the rest of the day catching up with Chuck and Carla, and watching and listening to the elk show.



It’s cold and cloudy but we’re heading out for some hiking and sightseeing today. Hope we can find internet to publish these posts.


  1. We had elk bugling 25 ft behind our motorhome there. Loved it!

  2. Hope you two have a great time in Jasper/Banff! What a great time of year to be there! Stay warm. -Maureen

  3. Wow, you two lucked out with your campsite at Whistlers and also seeing elk! We weren't impressed with Whistlers when we were there July last year so glad you have a good open site. Never saw any wild life either! Enjoy Jasper! Lots to see and do there!

  4. Hurray! You made it! We really enjoyed this campground. Our site was a wedge in a pie and a huge pull through with an inner and outer road. You saw our big guy! I am sure that is the same guy who bellowed right outside my bedroom window! Have an awesome time. Our trip through Glacier and Alberta was my favorite in our eight years. Remember Tim Horton's has WiFi and the brewery on the main street had good WiFi.

  5. Can't believe you pulled in right behind Chuck & Carla! What timing! Say "hello" from me.

    Isn't it remarkable how those elk carry all that weight on those little dainty feet?

  6. That is some awesome scenery even with all the clouds. The elk show in the campground is sweet as well. Looks like the Canada gamble might pay off!

  7. Have a wonderful time! Hope the clouds part so you can capture some of that spectacular Canadian scenery.

  8. What an impressive picture of the bull elk walking through the campground. You know Fall has arrived when you hear the bugle sound of bull elk. Pulled out my road map of BC to follow your journey to Jasper. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures and descriptions of trails to hike. Hope the weather cooperates and you see lots of wildlife. If you see a bear, take a picture first, then run.

  9. Oh how cool seeing those elk so close. We have never been close to one ever. We’ve only heard wonderful things about Jasper. Hope you have a fantastic time. Bring on the photos.

  10. So pretty!! Those elk are wonderful. Love all the snow on the mountains.

  11. Hope it clears for better views. Looks kind of like the canyon when you visited me.

  12. Great mountain pictures. Nice sighting on the Elk.