Sunday, July 28, 2019

10K, Plaza to Plaza, and Catopia

But first, a few pics of our feathered friends through the windows.

Four is the most I've seen at one time.

I love the rufous but he isn't very nice to the others.

This Gambel's quail did a good job of keeping the hummers away from the feeder.

On the first 100 degree day in Albuquerque we took a drive back up to Sandia Crest for another hike, this time on the 10K trail, named for its starting elevation of 10,000'. It was short on views but long on shade, and in the mid 70s was a nice respite from the heat.

We went out the 10K trail.

Then made a 5 mile loop by coming back the Ellis trail, which was more open but still no views of anything but trees.

There were a few flowers and many Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies.

Another day we decided to go to Old Town Albuquerque for our walk. I found an online brochure for a self-guided walking tour from the downtown Civic Plaza to Old Town Plaza. We decided to start at Old Town since there was a visitor center there that supposedly had the brochures for the walk. The couple working in the VC had no idea what I was talking about when I asked about the Plaza to Plaza walk, and they both said it was several miles and we wouldn't want to do that. I told them it was only 1.3 miles according to what I read, and the woman kept looking and finally found the brochure. The man then stated that he was 94 and didn't walk much anymore. They were cute but not very helpful.

This is the smaller plaza where the visitor center is located.

We saw this same Peruvian group, Amauta, the first time we visited Old Town ABQ in April, 2009.

San Felipe Neri church across from Old Town Plaza

Old Town Plaza, the official start of the walking tour.

One of the many historic old homes we saw along the way to downtown.

We passed through some interesting old neighborhoods that have been or are in the process of becoming gentrified, and then soon we were in the modern downtown Civic Plaza. We took a detour back to Old Town for a nice 4 mile walk.

Civic Plaza, with Hyatt Regency on the left.

City/County Government Center

Jim went back to the ophthalmologist a few days ago to get punctal plugs inserted in his tear ducts, and since the office was just a mile from Catopia Cat Cafe we had to stop by and check it out on the way home. What a great place, sort of like a group home for very adoptable cats from several local rescue organizations. It's $5 per person to go in and hang with cats for as long as you like. They have a small gift shop and cafe serving coffee, snacks, muffins, and cookies from a local vegan bakery, along with wifi, charging stations, games, puzzles and books. Worth checking out if you're a cat lover. 

They were setting up for a Painting with Cats class.

This one reminded us so much of one of our previous cats, Quincy.

It's a good thing we're still cat sitting and can't adopt one, because Poppy was the sweetest, most affectionate cat, and she has been declawed in the front. She will be adopted soon, I'm sure.

Sleeping buddies.

Most photogenic.

That's about it for now. We're down to a little over two weeks left of our house and catsitting job in Albuquerque. It's been fun.


  1. Thanks for all the special tours in the ABQ area.

  2. Damn trees...
    I do love the cats, tho.

  3. Thanks for the fun tour we loved visiting Old Town and some interesting scenery in the area.

  4. The hummers are wonderful. Hope the flowers and butterflies helped distract from all the trees. ;) Adorable collection of kitties.

  5. Painting with cats, LOL. Do they help?? I'd like to see those paintings.

    Looks like you guys are having a great time in ABQ finding lots of things to do, even on 100 degree days. You guys sound happy.

  6. That government center is really interesting looking. I think Poppy needs to go home to Arizona :)

  7. Our hummingbird feeder has been taken over by a very territorial male Anna's. Great bird photos!

    Catopia looks awesome!

  8. What a great way to raise a bit of money while allowing contact without commitment!

    Virtual hugs,