Sunday, August 9, 2009

Angels Rest Trail

You should always be wary when the trail description says “Angels rest but you won’t on this 2.3 mile climb.”  It sounded like a good challenge, so we hiked it this morning.P8090011

They weren’t kidding, either. It was a tough uphill the whole way, but as usual, the view from the top was worth it.P8090019

This is another of the many trails you can access from the Columbia Gorge Scenic Highway. Unfortunately it was very hazy, so the pictures didn’t come out real well.P8090013

This is looking over to the Washington side of the river.P8090014  P8090018

We ran into a fair number of other hikers and it’s always funny how the ones coming back down the trail are smiling and talking, while those climbing up are gasping for breath or asking how much farther they have to go.  And I  include ourselves in both of those groups!

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  1. There are some beautiful hikes along the Columbia River gorge, and some of them will really test your stamina. There are always folks getting stranded and lost up there. Glad you enjoyed it safely.