Monday, August 2, 2010

Badlands Ranch and Resort, Interior, SD


Can’t complain about $12/night (Passport America rate) for full hookups and WiFi, but the Badlands Ranch and Resort uses the word “resort” a bit loosely. Okay, so they do have a pool, small lodge, cabins and horse rides.

 P1010859 P1010860

We are just happy to have electric, since it was close to 100 when we got here yesterday. We would have preferred to stay at the National Park campground, but there are no hookups and no shade, so we ruled that out.

We did drive into Badlands National Park last night. We were amazed that the campground was at least 3/4 full, with lots of RVs and tents. The campground has some great views, if you can tolerate the heat.

We went to the Visitors Center, watched the movie, and looked at the interesting exhibits. Then we took a couple short hikes on the Door and Window trails. It was only 96 then at 7pm!

The pictures speak for themselves. This is an incredible place.

 P1010837    P1010844 P1010845 P1010849 P1010854


  1. The Badlands look amazing! The kiddie pool at the "resort" cracked me up! :)

  2. Too funny, I haven't added my post about Badlands to the blog yet but already typed it up in word - it's almost exactly the same as yours ie: can't complain, super cheap with P.A. but 'resort', mmmm! It was a great base though wasn't it?...and yes, a/c definitely needed, also the NP cg looked like a converted parking lot with very little shade.
    You've followed a very similar path to us since Zion NP.

  3. Ali, yes I've been reading your blog and we have been to lots of the same places. I always learn more about the place reading your detailed blog posts. Are you a teacher???