Sunday, September 12, 2010

More Buena Vista


Buena Vista has a very nice park along the Arkansas River, which we visited a couple times. There are hiking and biking trails, and an interesting spot to rest.


And all with fabulous views of the river.


The city has actually engineered the river with rocks to create waves and eddies for the kayakers and rafters to play on. Apparently it’s very popular when the river is flowing harder in the spring and early summer.


We rode our bikes around town to the Turner Farm Apple Festival, where we got to taste freshly pressed apple juice. Unfortunately the apple pie was all gone by the time we got there. We did get a close up look at a couple alpacas and there was a vendor selling alpaca socks, which really felt soft compared to wool.
They have the cutest faces.


We saw this RV for sale but there was no price on the sign. Yes, that is duct tape holding the windshield together.


We rode our bikes down a scenic dirt road along the river where you go through four old Midland Railroad tunnels cut into the rock.


And we visited with our friend Fitz from Florida, who brought his newly finished home-built toy hauler trailer. It is quite impressive that he built it himself, and as you would imagine he said it draws lots of attention.


Looking in from the front door. It has a drop down floor, which has to be put back up for transport.


There is a small bed in the front.


And the back, the area where he hauls his motorcycles, transforms into a seating area and table, which makes into a bed. The toilet is in the closet on the right, but there is no shower.


But he’s got all the other comforts of home, like his computer and TV. It’s really quite clever.


Since we’re enjoying this area so much and the weather has been great, we’re going to stay here a few more days.

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  1. Fitz sure has a very unique toy hauler there! Very impressive that he built it himself! Glad you took interior pics so we could see how it looks inside.

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)