Saturday, February 11, 2012

Pets on Parade



After 6 days of clouds and off and on rain, it turned out to be a beautiful morning for the Bentsen Palm Village annual Valentine’s Pet Parade. All proceeds go to Cinderella Pet Rescue in Mission, so of course we volunteered to help.


It was a dollar to enter your pet, and a dollar to place a vote. Jim and I were in charge of selling homemade baked goods, and we took in over $100. There were also hot dogs, chips and drinks, plus homemade doggie treats. This was the first year they sold hot dogs and decided 80 would be plenty, but judging by how quickly they sold out, we could have used quite a few more.

After registration, all the pets paraded around the clubhouse circle twice, so people could get a good look and place their votes. Dogs came in all shapes and sizes and all kinds of costumes.







These two birds were the only non-canines in the parade.


I thought this guy was pretty spiffy.


But the winner was….


Do you think she was embarrassed to have to dress up like this?


It was fun and for a good cause. We haven’t heard yet how much money was raised, but Cinderella can sure use the help.

On a less pleasant note, I took Quincy to the vet Wednesday for blood work to see how his kidney disease is progressing. Luckily at a much slower rate than Oreo did, but his numbers are gradually getting worse. Also his potassium is low so he now has to take a supplement for that. At least it’s something that can be put in his food so we don’t have to pill him. We sure hate it for the little guy but at least he’s eating well and seems to be feeling good, still jumping up to places he shouldn’t be!


And on a totally unrelated note, we’ve been back to the state park several times looking for the bobcat, but yesterday spotted two coyotes near the same place. They were much more skittish of us being close by and quickly ran off.

We also saw a woman who looked like a serious birder looking at something in this tree through her binoculars.


Since we couldn’t see anything we asked her what she was looking at. She laughed and said it wasn’t a bird, but a rather interesting clump of prickly pear cactus that was growing on a branch in the top of the tree. Don’t you just love nature?



  1. What a neat fundraiser. A cactus growing in the top of a tree -- interesting to say the least. Hope Quincy continues to do well for a long time!

  2. We remember doing a tour of the missions around San Antonio in 2008 and saw many of those growing on the roofs of sheds and other buildings. Apparently the wind carries the seeds all over the place and creates some interesting scenerios.

    It's about time.

  3. That prickly pear looks like it has wings to me! :) Great parade and fund raiser. Thanks for sharing pix.

  4. Sp sorry that Quincy's numbers weren't better but glad to read you can handle her potassium problem with meds.
    Love the pet parade. What a cute idea. I saw a bird but no cat. I guess they are living up to their Diva reputation....LOL

  5. It sure was neat that you guys took part in the pet parade. It looked like a good time.

    Sorry to hear about Quincy's numbers and hopefully they will in improve in the future.

  6. We truly hope Quincy does well.

    Ed & Carol
    and Gopher the dog.