Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sometimes It’s Good to Stay Busy


We’ve been crazy busy this past week, which has been a good thing to help take our minds off of Quincy. Visiting with these guys at Cinderella a couple times has also helped. They are always happy to see us.


Could be because we were bearing treats, but I think they truly enjoy human companionship.


We’ve taken a liking to Lazarus, a new cat since we were here in March. He was hit by a car which broke his left front leg. Not sure about the history but it wasn’t repaired and isn’t much use to him. He hobbles well on his other three legs, though, and kind of drags that one along. Don’t know why we’re attracted to “broken” cats. I think Jim would have brought him home the first time we saw him, but he is a biter. Loves to be petted but when he’s had enough he gives no warning, just swings his little head around and bites. And bites hard! We need to figure out a way to break him of that nasty habit or nobody will want to adopt him. He is a good looking boy, though.


On Monday we had to get an early start in the clubhouse to help get all the furniture and everything in the cabinets moved to the porches so the cleaning crew could get in there. They did the hard stuff like floors, windows, screens, ceiling fans, etc. Later that afternoon we cleaned everything and put it back. Although the clubhouse doesn’t get used much over the summer, it was amazing how dusty and dirty everything was.

While the cleaning crew was busy at work, Jim and I went to Cinderella for a couple hours. When we got in the car, Jim noticed the back passenger window was shattered. There wasn’t even a chip in the glass.


We had gone to Sam’s Club to get some supplies and then ate dinner at BJ’s Brewhouse the night before. Debbie was with us and sat in the back so she would have noticed it for sure. Anyway, Jim found a glass place that could replace it that afternoon. Of course they also scratched the paint, got dirt on the seat, and didn’t put the door handle back on properly. Jim was busy looking at the new glass and didn’t see all the other issues until he got home, which meant another trip yesterday to get things fixed.

During the first couple weeks of November, the Welcome Home Rio Grande Valley has a “Boot Camp” for activities people from the RV parks. They allow 2 people from each park to attend each event, so yesterday I went with Debbie to the National Butterfly Center. It’s just a mile down the road from Bentsen Palm Village, and one of the places we never visited while we were here last year. The director told us all about the center, we walked the trails, and learned how to make butterfly feeders out of logs with an interesting mixture of ripe bananas, beer, and brown sugar.

Inside the visitor center.


Outside, lots of butterfly watchers and photographers.


This is why everyone comes.




They also have a very nice birding area along one of the trails.


We also went back to the dentist in Mexico where I got my teeth cleaned and a good report. Dr. De la Rosa told Jim his gum healed too well so he had to cut it some more and he has to go back again next week for the final abutment. We also both had our annual physicals and are awaiting blood test results which we trust will be fine.

Between all this we’ve been riding our bikes and working out, and trying to get some chores done around the rig. Tomorrow we’re planning to go to South Padre Island for an all day Welcome Home RGV event and Saturday we are spending the day at Petsmart in McAllen for the big cat adoption. We’ll be transporting 8 cats in our Subaru and a couple of the other volunteers are taking 11 more. We’re hoping at least some of them will find homes. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. great butterfly photo. south padre sounds nice... the subaru should do great on the sand.
    Box Canyon Mark... exploring Zion's wonders.

  2. I love the butterflies, too. Boy, you guys HAVE been busy. I'll bet you'll find a great cat to adopt. I hope you have good luck at Petsmart. It would be nice if a bunch of the kitties found good homes.

  3. So nice of you to help these little critters find a new home. I have a friend staying in the area for the Bird Festival..she is renting a home and has a kittie coming for hand outs. She is not sure if it is a stray or not. Who should she contact if it is?

  4. You two have been busy. Those cats look so cute all crowding around your two for a treat.
    When we get down there I want to check out the Butterfly Center. Looks really neat. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. That butterfly feeder recipe was interesting. Never heard of that before. You got some good captures of the butterflies.

    I sure hope Lazarus can be helped. Such a pretty kitty. My cat (a stray) used to bite me like that. I learned to watch her ears and her tail and figured out her "tells". Of course if they don't give any signals that would make it hard to deal with.

    Good luck at PetSmart. That's where I found my beloved Rusty dog so many years ago. Adoption days are wonderful.