Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eighty Mountain Hike


Jim, Boonie, and I climbed a mountain yesterday, beginning with a couple of miles on the Continental Divide Trail, then an uphill, rocky, trek to the summit of Eighty Mountain.


It wasn’t as bad as it sounds, and we got to meet this sweet little service dog, Penelope, along the trail.


While eating a snack at the top, I saw something come out of a crevice in the rocks. It was the highlight of our hike, watching this guy and trying to get photos without frightening it.

Meet a Crevice Spiny Lizard, also known as Sceloporus poinsettii.




We had a hard time identifying it by pictures on the internet, so Jim emailed a photo to a herpetologist, who was kind enough to respond.

So take a hike, you never know what you might encounter.


  1. Neat lizard! It reminded me of my pet iguana "Buddie".

    I would love to go hiking if only it would stop raining/snowing here.

  2. Bet that little guy made your day! Interesting the wonders of nature that are out there to find! :c)

  3. Great photos of the lizard - it's a beauty. I can imagine you guys sitting so still and quiet clicking away! You are right, I never know what I'm going to see when I start a walk, but if it's something special, it's always a bird. I'd love to see a nice lizard like that.

    BTW, I couldn't comment on your post - I had to open the Comment link into a new screen to comment.

  4. The highlite of your hike was a feaking lizard? Too much vegan pizza and IPA.