Thursday, February 27, 2014

Anza Borrego Desert, CA



During our month in Yuma we were trying to decide where we wanted to go next. It’s funny, but when we first started fulltiming, we had a number of places on our “must go to” list, which were mainly national parks like Big Bend, Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Zion, Bryce, Arches, Crater Lake, Yosemite, etc. Having been to those places, some more than once during the past five years, we are now less inclined to want to visit the places everyone else wants to go, opting for quieter, lesser known locales.


We had such a great summer and fall last year along California 395 and the eastern Sierra, and having never spent time along the west coast, we decided now was as good a time as ever. Also for several years we’ve wanted to join the Yahoo West Lazy Daze gathering in Morro Bay but were never close enough to make it. So on a spur of the moment decision last week, we decided to head to Morro Bay, and from there who knows? Debbie decided to join us, too, so we finally left Yuma yesterday after a fun and productive month and are parked off Rockhouse Rd near Borrego Springs at the well-know boondocking area we stayed at a few years ago.


From Morro Bay we have no idea where we’ll go, but Jim and I have never been to San Francisco and we definitely want to at least spend a couple days as tourists there. If anyone has ideas on where we should stay, we are looking for suggestions. Also recommendations for forest service campgrounds or free boondocking anywhere in western and northern CA would be nice!

Our last days in Yuma found us busy doing laundry, grocery shopping, taking the cats to the vet for their annual check and shots, and visiting with Boonie, Jimbo, and Chris. Jimbo had a little party a couple days ago for his one year anniversary of adopting Chica. We sure are going to miss that little dog. She is one of the cutest chihuahuas you’d ever want to meet!

One last look at Mittry Lake. I suspect we’ll be back next year.


It was very windy when we arrived yesterday, but we took a little hike across the road from our site through a canyon and up the hill. Had seen this on a couple other blogs and wasn’t looking for it, but there it was.



The trail made a nice little loop back to our starting point. There are probably close to a couple dozen rigs scattered about.



The weather is expected to take a turn for the worse tonight, with rain and wind on the way. We parked just off the road before the pavement ends, in a high flat area that we hope won’t get too muddy. Looks like we have time to get in one more hike before the rain arrives. Could be an interesting weekend…..


  1. I think that LD gathering at Morro Bay would be fun. That's a great campground. If you get as far north as our area, look us up. You can boondock in our driveway!!

  2. The coast should be perfect right now...actually it's getting more than a little hot in the desert. Talk about early spring out here!

    I don't have too many "goodies" for the CA coast, having not done the drive myself, but I remember Our Odyssey raved about Cher-Ae Heights Casino, near Trinidad. I've also heard very good things about Kirk Creek Campground on the south-middle coast (apparently the beach views are incredible). If you get all the way up to Crescent City (if you're going that far) I would recommend either staying inside the redwoods or crossing the border to OR and staying at Harris Beach State Park.

    For San Francisco not a ton of options in the area, if you want to be close to the city. Probably the least expensive (yet still convenient) spot is Candlestick RV Park. Not great, but OK. Maybe other folks have better recommendations.

    Nina (posting on Paul's Google account) WheelingIt

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in person at Morro. I started reading your blog last year after this strange photo of a toothless man showed up on my blog site as a follower. Now I'm hooked on yours. Anyway, for San Francisco I can highly recommend Treasure Island RV Park (it's not, however, on Treasure Island). It's located within the city and is walking distance to the public rail transit that connects everything. Not cheap, but considering where it is, not bad either. I think at present it's $55/night, with hookups. We've stayed there a couple of times when visiting our kids in S.F. enroute to or from somewhere. Here's the website:
    It's mostly a long-term facility, but has a section devoted to overnighters. See you at Morro! -- Jon ('06 TK "Albatross") [ ]

  4. That is the first time I ever saw that snake. Amazing.

    The rainbow photo is amazing. Great job!

  5. Glad to see you made it to a nice spot. I never have seen the rock snake, but I didn't have a toad back then when I visited AB.

    It is pretty quite here now and many of the rigs have moved out. Chica sure misses all her friends.

  6. When we visited San Francisco, we stayed at 3 Com Park (it is across the street from the football field. Name could have changed by now. It is where people park to go to the games.). They provided a van ride into the city each day, with pickup at the end of the day. That worked for us--we didn't have to drive in the city.

  7. You are in one of my favorite areas! We had so much fun their with our Jeep and then hiking. I never did see the snake. It is part of my mission next winter when we return. Enjoy your stay:)

  8. We've never camped in the San Francisco area so I can't comment on that, but one thing we've enjoyed there is stair walking. Here's a website that directs you to some of them: I remember the stairs near Coit Tower were interesting. We loved walking that easily put in a 20 mile walking day, with hills!

  9. "It’s funny, but when we first started fulltiming, we had a number of places on our “must go to” list, which were mainly national parks like... we are now less inclined to want to visit the places everyone else wants to go, opting for quieter, lesser known locales."

    Well, well, do I detect a little bit of boondocking elitism creeping in here? Seriously, I am happy for you. It is a healthy development. And it shows you are not under the corrupting influence of a certain couple in Ouray, CO.

  10. Having lived in Northern CA for 13 years and vacating immediately upon retirement, my advice would be to pass through it as quickly as possible. :-)

    1. Ha, ha! Sounds like what we tell people who ask us about Florida.

  11. We stayed at Marin RV park in Larkspur just north of San Francisco and enjoyed having easy access to the city via the ferry.