Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Week at Mittry Lake


Daily hikes have taken us to new trails and much off-trail scrambling. This area is remote and rugged and easy to get lost in, which makes for some challenging hiking.

Chris telling tall tales to Jim.


Modern rock art.


Any guesses on what this skull might be?


Vegetation is sparse around here, but some of it looks quite healthy.


The only saguaro for miles around. It ought to be quite majestic in an another 50-100 years.


 Suzanne getting a close up of a blooming ocotillo.


Jim getting high, again.


Swastika bridge, with quite an interesting history.


We had a special happy hour last week, with a visit by Nina from Wheeling It, and kB from Occupation of Independence, along with our resident gang. I forgot to take even one photo. Denise from Sassy’s On ‘Da Road arrived the previous day. What a nice RV she has! Jim lusted after her “garage”.


Lazy Daze friends Charlie and Marti stopped by for a couple nights on their way to San Diego. Of course we had to take them on a hike to the Christmas tree, one of our landmarks. It’s just a sad looking ocotillo with a few silver ornaments hanging on it surrounded by cairns and odd names spelled out in the rock, but if we make it back there we know we’re only a mile or so from home.



Yesterday Suzanne and I did a long hike to new places, and happened upon four bighorn sheep just lounging on the rocks. We were very excited, and they cooperated for lots of photos.






We had a cell signal atop the ridge, and had been out for about 3 hours. I knew Jim would be concerned, since he doubted our navigational skills. I sent him a quick text. “Long hike, not lost. 4 sheep.” I got this instant quick-witted reply. “2 cats”. When I stopped laughing I told Suzanne this is why I love that man. After 32 years he can still make me laugh.


Since we’ve given up on buying another RV for now anyway, this week we put in a new kitchen faucet. We also found someone to install new flooring in our Lazy Daze but are having a little trouble deciding on what we want to put down. We have a couple weeks until he can do it so I have a feeling we’ll be back to the flooring store a time or two more before making a final decision.

And our windshield repair was unsatisfactory, being on the driver’s side glass, so we got a new one installed. There is always something to have to deal with it seems.

Payback photo of Suzanne with her hair in curlers. Even us boondockers can have pretty, poofy hair! Too bad neither of us took “after” pictures.


On Monday we’ll be relocating but have some fun plans for the weekend. More about that later, and for now, as Judy would say,

The End.



  1. I'm so jealous of this bighorn sheep pics. I've just never had any luck capturing them. Was great to see you guys and looking forward to seeing pics of your renovation. Bamboo flooring is nice, light and sturdy if you haven't yet looked at it.

  2. Your blog is always a very enjoyable outing for me. Thank you.

  3. Your Bighorn Sheep photos are FABULOUS! They really did pose for you. And I saw the "after" of Suzanne's hair - she was gorgeous. Flipping that curly hair back like a model. :) (I didn't know full-timers used rollers. LOL)

  4. Well, that certainly was interesting history about that bridge! I have yet to see one of the big horns. Lucky you. I also didn't think anybody used rollers any more. ;) Nice end!

  5. Rollers are the "lazy days" of boondocking, and in fact incorporate one of the key essentials for every RVer....velcro. Just wash the hair, stick it up with half a dozen velcro'ed rollers, and "fuggetaboutit!" for a few days. ;-) I have had my hair as short as a boy's before, and as long as the 1966 version of Cher, and never have I had a style that "minds" better.

  6. Great sheep pictures! I'm hoping Suzanne sees a bunch more in a couple weeks.

  7. Wow!!! Stunning photos. Looks like Suzanne was inspired by the Bighorns. ;-)

  8. The bighorn sheep are awesome.

    For being out in the boonies, you two sure do have a ton of friends that find you. Enjoy your adventure.

  9. I am loving all of the pictures of the rollers. Where are the hairnets? There should be hairnets.

  10. Big horns in the middle of nowhere! YAY!

    You two crack me up with the curlers!

    1. I know, if we just got our hair cut like yours we wouldn't have to worry about it!

  11. The big horns are so perfectly colored I bet I've passed many in the desert and never seen them. Your pics are great. Love Jim's text :-). Yep, you gotta keep him. Hair wars......hysterical!

  12. Interesting story about the bridge. I just assumed it was decorated that way to honor native American culture. How lucky seeing the sheep.

  13. What great hiking! I was thinking the same as Jim when you said you and Suzanne headed out alone:) Remember, you had just mentioned how easy it was to get lost in that area! We really need to meet up. John has that same sense of humor that even after 40 years together still has me laughing all the time.

    What a terrific treat! So glad the sheep posed so nicely for you. I am always surprised at how tame they are when we find them. I do believe they are as curious about us as we are about them.

    Love you girls in your curlers:)

  14. What a great post about you and your gang which seems to grow and shrink and grow again. I'm envious of the fun you are having though not the curlers. LOL. It has been so long since I cut my hair that it's shaggy and down to my shoulders but I just don't do curlers anymore. But I'm glad you girls are having fun with them. Love those big horn pictures, what a wonderful experience. Thumbs up to Jim's fast retort!

  15. Skull must be a predator of some kind as eye sockets face front. Very cool sighting the sheep. Saw some about 5 feet from the Palm Canyon trail. Wow, Denise's garage is bigger than my whole camper. Looks like fun times around the lake. Just not sure about the curlers.

  16. We actually saw the sheep again the following day. Pretty exciting as that is something we rarely see. We figured that was some sort of predator, just not sure what since it was so small.