Saturday, January 25, 2014

Algodones, Mexico: Another Dental Experience


We forgot our camera, so no Mexico photos. Thought I’d throw in some pics of a few interesting RVs we’ve seen in Quartzsite. This one is a 1950’s Flxible Bus. The low slung models further down are Vixens.


Our trip to Algodones was uneventful, and only had to wait a few minutes in Dr. Eva Urena’s office before Jim was called back. He got his teeth cleaned and she prepped his tooth for a new crown. All went well. She has a very nice, modern office.

I was called in while Jim was still in the other chair. I had initially planned to just get my teeth cleaned, but when Dr. Eva asked me if I was having any problems, I mentioned an intermittent toothache. She said I had some gum recession around an old crown, which could be the cause, but it was also possible there was decay under the crown. She said she could remove the crown and see how it looked, and prep the tooth for a new crown that day. I decided to go ahead and get it done, or I figured we would be a thousand miles from Mexico this summer and would have an expensive dental emergency. She did say it may be necessary to have a root canal if there was decay, but I sort of ignored that part.


Well, wouldn’t you know, when she got the crown off, I had an old amalgam filling over most of what was left of the tooth (not much), and she said it would require a root canal, since there was a crack and decay. Would I like to go next door to the endodontist to get it done right then? What?? I wasn’t prepared for that, but figured, in for a penny, in for a pound, so what the heck.

Dr. Hernandez was excellent, he showed me the xray and explained that the crack had allowed decay into the tooth and a root canal with a post for the new crown would be the best solution. The office had state of the art equipment and everyone was very professional. I had no discomfort, and was out of there in no time. Now I have to return in two weeks for the post and for Dr. Eva to fit me for the crown. $390 for the root canal, quite a bargain compared to having it done by an endodontist in the U.S.


Jim will go back next week for his permanent crown, as we continue to help the Mexican economy. That is, us, and hundreds of other North Americans who were there getting dental work, eyeglasses, and medications. We stood in line for almost an hour to get back through customs.


The next day we did some more shopping at Tyson Wells, the huge flea market across from the big tent in Quartzsite, and wanted to stop by and see Nina and Paul, from Wheeling It, who were having a meet and greet at Beer Belly’s outdoor bar. Am I famous now, too, since I got my picture taken with Nina?


We must have just missed the folks from Watson’s Wander blog, as I see they were there, too. They were behind us this fall coming down 395 in CA, and left the day before we got to Lake Mead in December, so we still haven’t met them. Anyway, they have a great post about their first time in Quartzsite, and have captured the spirit of the place with excellent photos. Check it out. You never know what you may see in Quartzsite. Just looked out and saw this hot air balloon landing behind the Lazy Daze group.



  1. If it isn't one thing, it is another. Mexico is the place to have dental work though.

    Yep, can see all different shapes and size RV in the Q.

  2. Yup we just missed you again. Nina said you left right before we showed up! Someday we will meet in person, but until then we'll be following the blog. Thanks for sharing our post :)

  3. There's so much to do here, it's easy to miss people. But then, there's always next year! :)

    Hopefully we'll see you tomorrow, though. Katie and I just walked to the dumpsters here, and I just figured out it's probably 1/3 the walk to cross over to your dumpsters. Mmmmmm.

    I'm glad you had the dentist check everything out. It would have been a real bummer to be far from Mexico and have a problem and have to pay American prices.

  4. Sounds like it all worked out pretty well. I never had any dental work done in Mexico, but it sounds like it's working out for you both.

  5. What brand of motorhomes are the red and beige ones?

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  7. I love seeing the old rvs....thanks for sharing


  8. You most definitely are famous, Gayle!! A photo with Nina! Better get it autographed! Haha!

    Great bargain you are getting in Mexico. I just had a root canal this passed August. The cash price was $780!!! Hope all works out for you and Jim!! Keep us posted.