Thursday, January 16, 2014

Lazy Daze In Quartzsite



Yesterday we moved 8 miles to the La Posa West LTVA area where the Lazy Daze group is gathered. We had to purchase a 14 day pass for $40, which includes use of the dump station, water, and trash. We’re less than a mile south of the Big Tent RV show, which starts on Saturday.

On our way over here we stopped at RV Lifestyles to get our new batteries. Jim wasn’t sure we would be able to remove the original Trojan T105s and install the new T145s, which are heavier, but it wasn’t too bad a job, and we did it in their parking lot in less than an hour.

We had a nice time with the Rubber Tramp group. Didn’t socialize a whole lot but went on several walks with the group and attended a seminar where people bring their favorite gadgets to “show and tell”. There were daily seminars on various topics like solar, budgeting, boondocking, cooking, etc.


One of our new friends, Chili Bean.


We really liked the location since it was farther from town and was at the end of the camping area. Across the road and beyond was for day use only, so it was a quiet area to hike, ride our bikes, and walk the cats.





And we had some lovely sunsets while we were there.




Being so close to Quartzsite and Hwy 95, the Lazy Daze area is a much busier, noisy place, but it’s nice to be within walking distance or a short bike ride to town.

It was a beautiful moon rise last evening, so after happy hour we sat around the camp fire visiting with people we know and others we just met. It’s a really big group compared to when we were last here in January 2011, and more are expected over the next few days. Should be a fun and busy time, and the weather is still just about perfect.




  1. Looks like you're having fun. Love the moon shots.

  2. Yes, that's quite a group! And growing every day. Katie and I walked down one day to visit, really nice people.

    Wasn't that moon last night gorgeous! I got a few good shots, too. I can't resist full moon photos. I love the sunset shots on your rig - those could be in a Lazy Daze ad.

    I'm sure we'll see you guys soon. :)

  3. The picture in the mirror is outstanding.

    Isn't that moon just a beauty!!!

  4. Lots of Lazy Daze for sure. I bet you are having lots of fun. Your moon pictures are great and I love the sunset reflected in the rig windows.

  5. Absolutely great pix of the moon and sunsets, especially the reflection on your RV.

  6. I feel like I missed out twice.....lazy days and the tribe.
    Glad everyone is having a good time.

  7. You certainly captured some amazing pictures. I love the sunset in the side and window. The saguaro and the little moon is so cute. Enjoy your stay with friends:)

  8. FABULOUS to meet you on the trail this AM. What a great coincidence! Just had another great review of Dr.Urena posted on my blog (from someone else who tried her) so I think you'll have a good experience. Good luck w/ the new crown!