Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Cost of Camping in Quartzsite



Two Trojan T145 house batteries for the Lazy Daze, two Coleman Patio Sling Chars, and one Kozy World propane heater. Ouch! And we haven’t even been over to the Big Tent RV Show which started yesterday.

We’re having a good time visiting with all the Lazy Daze people, took a hike up Q mountain, had happy hour with John and Susan, who are camping just north of town, went to Silly Al’s Pizza Friday night for my birthday with Debbie, John and Susan, and David and Mary, and went for several bike rides.

Some photos from our dog friendly hike up Q Mountain. Okay, it’s just a hill, but the choices are limited here.



Rod, Ron, Laurelee, Jim, Debbie, looking down on the sea of RVs.


Debbie with Lauelee’s dog Libby, and her dogs Rupert and Elliot. They all look alike!



Ron checking out an old silver mine.



And Rod getting lots of kisses from his sweet dogs Chloe and Bailey.


We still plan to walk around the RV show and flea markets just in case we see something we really need, but I think our big shopping is finished.


  1. Q mountains brings back a funny story. When Paul and I were there in 2010, we set off to climb that mountain. Thinking we were in great condition, we hiked up the front of it. We got to the top and saw all these people up there...some in not so good a shape and no hiking boots either. We looked at each other and wondered how in the heck they climbed up. Even two motorcycles were up there. WHAT? We finally broke down and asked one of the bikers how they climb that steep trail. After all the laughing died down, they pointed to the back of the mountain. Oh for Pete's sake...there was a very easy trail, just about straight, coming up the rear. Guess which route we took down that mountain?

  2. Looks like a pretty expensive layover. They say such needs come in threes, so perhaps that will be it. Hope you escape with some green left in your pocket.

  3. Wow, *that* is a lot of rigs! Looks like something we'll have to try out at least once!

  4. Love to know how you are going to use your Kozy heater. Are you having them install it to your on board propane there in Q??? I've heard the prices are good there in Quartzsite so better to buy there than camping world. :-)

    1. Sherry, we already had an Olympian Wave 3, which was plumbed into our propane with a 7' hose so we could move it around a bit. It was too small for our 30' space and only warmed the person sitting close to it. This one is much bigger and is doing an excellent job on these cold desert mornings. They all have a standard size fitting so it was easy to swap out the old and install the new. And a friend of ours here wanted a new Wave 3 because his quit working, so we sold him our old one.

  5. And to think attendance is down 30% lol

    I spent the day in Lake Havasu looking at 100s of VW buses.
    Check it out

    Quartszite will be next week for me.

  6. Happy belated birthday. Hope your birthday pizza was delicious!

  7. Had to laugh at Marsha's comment!!

    You hike what you have available. We get excited down here when we have a causeway because you get up hill!!! It looked like a fun day. I love that the dogs were along.

    Have fun at the tent!! I'm sure there is something you "need!"

  8. Happy Birthday! Every birthday on the road is a good birthday!

  9. Once again I ask, is everybody in "Q"? Wish we were...thanks for sharing the fun on your blog!