Friday, June 2, 2017

A Few More Days in Dolores


It’s been so pleasant here at McPhee Campground we decided to spend a few more nights. We’ve walked down to the reservoir just about every day, took our bikes over to the Boggy Draw trail one day, worked out and showered at the impressive Cortez Recreation Center three different times, and visited with Dave and Deb where they are working at the Dolores River Campground.

The trail to the lake is quite overgrown. We saw one young woman a couple days in a row going up and down multiple times, but it doesn’t appear to get much use. So far our Panasonic camera is still working fine.


The rock outcropping at the top is the overlook where the trail descends.


We did attempt to diagnose and repair the air vent problem in the Lazy Daze but were unable to fix it ourselves. Jim spent hours pouring over forum posts and YouTube videos but we are just not mechanically inclined enough to figure it out. The  short run of vacuum hoses we were able to access looked fine, but without taking the dash and doghouse off there is no way to get to the rest of them. Ford charges around $1,000 to repair this problem, so we hope to meet up with our friend Chris this fall, as he did an inexpensive work-around and said he would be happy to help Jim do the same.

These photos are from our Boggy Draw bike ride. We took the 9 mile “easy” loop, which was mostly smooth rolling singletrack through the forest, although there were a few spots where we had to get off our bikes to go over some rocks. And the uphill portions, although not that steep, were tough for us at 7,200’, but it’s always a good ride when Jim doesn’t fall.



We also got a bunch of indoor chores done on a rainy day. Jim backed up computers, balanced accounts, paid bills, and scanned some receipts, while I did some trip planning and cleaned out my closet, which generated another thrift store donation bag.

Today we’re moving on to Ouray. Couldn’t be this close to the Box Canyon duo without stopping by to see what they’re up to.


  1. Thanks for the update and of course say hello to the dynamic duo of the Box Canyon!

  2. Glad you got the camera working again. You found another beautiful spot in Colorado!

  3. The Boggy Draw bike ride/ trail looks like a good one!!
    Hope you can get that air vent problem fixed!! $1,000 is a lot of money!!
    Safe travels to Ouray!!

  4. Beautiful reflections in the little pond. 7'200 feet is about 1000 over my comfort zone.

  5. Glad you are having so much fun you added a few days:) So good to hear Jim stayed upright! Enjoy Ouray!!

  6. We will get that air vent thing taken care of down the road somewhere. You probably won't be needing the AC in Ouray anyway....have fun up there!

  7. Don't blame you for wanting stay at high elevation. Can you believe Phoenix was 107 today. It was 80 at the North Rim. I see you played in the snow with Mark and Bobby. Continue to enjoy those gorgeous mountains.

  8. Boggy Draw looks lovely!
    I love the reflection photo. I am a sucker for them.

  9. A bike ride without any Jim mishaps...success! Have a grand time in Colorado.