Saturday, July 28, 2018

Newport, OR


Needing to escape the mid to upper 90s that were predicted inland, last Saturday we left the mall in Eugene and made our way to the Oregon coast. We’ve been on the coast twice before but neither time did we stop in Newport. Traveling without reservations in the summer can be challenging, but I found that the Port of Newport has a full hookup RV park, which of course was completely booked, and two dry camping overflow lots. I called to see if we needed a reservation for overflow and was told it would not be a problem even arriving on Saturday.

The paved lot was full but we got a site in the huge gravel lot next to the boat trailer parking area. It is not the most appealing place, but for $24.49 per night with tax, included is use of the very nice restroom, shower, laundry, drinking water fill, and dump station.


This lot is not very close to any of those things, though, so on Sunday when the majority of RVs pulled out, we asked to move over the the paved lot, which happens to be located in between the Rogue Brewery buildings.

Our little slice of pavement with a view of the Yaquina Bay Bridge.


We definitely escaped the heat, with the temperatures barely reaching 60 degrees and accompanied by strong winds and frequent fog, but we’re staying busy exploring the area and taking walks from our site.

It’s about a two mile walk across the bridge over to Newport’s historic bayfront.


We’ve taken way too many shots of the bridge but it’s interesting to see it from different angles and with varying degrees of fog. The Yaquina Bay Bridge was opened in 1936, one of 11 along Oregon Hwy 101 designed by engineer Conde McCullough.

These were all taken on the same walk. It was incredibly windy crossing the bridge, which caused the fog to move in and out in a matter of minutes.





Views looking down from the bridge. Our RV is partially hidden but that is our “campground” and the big buildings are part of Rogue Brewery.



Walking along colorful, bustling Bay Boulevard, the heart of Newport’s working bayfront. The seafood processing industry is alive and well here, mixed in with touristy saltwater taffy shops and restaurants.

Newport, Oregon

As our paint gets more faded and oxidized, we could always do something like this. The new-age drumming music emanating from it seemed appropriate.


Even though we don’t eat seafood, which is the specialty at most of the places there, we found a very good restaurant for lunch, M&P Authentic Thai Cuisine. We wandered the docks, saw a few harbor seals playing in the water, and checked out a couple shops.


On one of the very cold, cloudy and windy days we drove 25 miles north to Lincoln City and hung out at the outlet mall for a couple hours. Neither of us bought anything but on the drive back we stopped at several overlooks and got to see some gray whales playing around Depot Bay.




The coast is gorgeous even on a not-so-nice day.



Being surrounded by Rogue, we had to take the tour one day and have a beer at the bar another day. Their beer is okay but too expensive, which is actually not a bad thing, because we would be there every day otherwise, and they don’t have any happy hour specials.

They charge $5 for the tour, which includes two beers and one spirit tasting, plus a glass. We didn’t even get to ride the train from building to building since there were so many people in our group.



We’ve been on many brewery tours but Rogue also distills their own spirits (gin, whiskey and rum), farms their own ingredients and coopers their own barrels. The coopering building where they make the barrels was really fascinating.





Next to the Barrel Works is the “Roguesonian” museum and distillery.



The distillery.


We took another day trip 25 miles south to Cape Perpetua, a Siuslaw National Forest headland that projects into the Pacific Ocean. We visited there in 2009 but it was a foggy day, so we waited for a clear day to go back again. Seeing a sign for day use, we turned left off of 101 and drove several miles up to the end of the road and a parking area for a viewpoint. The St. Perpetua trail to the visitor center starts (or ends) there, so we decided to check it out. 1.5 miles down switchbacks and descending almost 800’.




Once we got to the visitor center we continued on a paved trail to the tidepools and the Spouting Horn.





The Spouting Horn wasn’t spouting since the tide was going out, but the water was splashing up pretty good. Just after I took this the guy with the camera got drenched.



We’ve also walked to South Beach and taken a tour of Yaquina Head lighthouse, but that’s for another post. There’s been plenty to keep us busy around here, and we’re finally getting used to the damp cool air. Yesterday it was in the low 60s with no wind and it actually felt warm!


  1. Ahhhh, lovely OR coast! When we tried to visit Rogue just to have a beer the line was ridiculous, no beer for us! How cool you saw whales!

    1. There's better beer than Rogue so you didn't miss anything.
      We were surprised but happy to see whales!

  2. Maybe it's just me but I think I'd have a hard time enjoying Dead Guy Ale. A skeleton staring me in the face from the bottle label sort of puts a damper on the enjoyment. ;c)

    1. If you can get over the name and skeleton, Dead Guy is one of Rogue's better beers.

  3. We did the same thing when we were in Eugene! We were there for service and it would take ten days to get the needed parts and another appointment. We really like Eugene but at 100 degrees we weren't staying. We found a place in Florence to stay. Boy was it much nicer. Jackets every it! Cape Perpetua is awesome. We luckily had arrived at high tide so things were rocking and crashing. Enjoy your cool weather:)

    1. When we were at Cape Perpetua in 2009 it was high tide so we saw the water "features". This time we were just happy to be able to see the views!

  4. Highs in the 60's and fog sounds pretty good to us! We seem to be surrounded by fires right now. Can't wait for fall to get here. Nothing like wishing your life away, right? We love that part of OR and the art deco bridges. When we were in Newport, we took a hike down to the beach. The fog was so thick I wasn't sure we would find our way back. I find the fog to be very cool.

    1. Hope you aren't having smoke from any of those fires. The heat alone is bad enough.

  5. What's not to love about the Pacific Coast--especially, Oregon. Your pictures brought back many memories. One thing that was on my bucket list that can't be crossed off is a mail boat ride on the Rogue.

    My favorite weather is what I call "sweatshirt Weather" 50 to 60 degrees and I'm good. We get a few days in spring and fall, but if I had my druthers I'd live in Astoria for the winter and Idaho for the summer.

    Glad you are having such a good time.

    1. A mail boat ride on the Rogue sounds intriguing!
      We are on the lookout for a summer place so we don't have to fight the RV crowds. I liked Idaho but Jim didn't as much, although part of that was that we were dodging forest fires the summer we spent there.

  6. Hello Jim & Gayle,
    Long time since together. Today while searching, came across your blog and thoroughly enjoyed both reading and viewing your great pics. // We still spend most time here in Brea, CA - with periodic visits back to Chattanooga. We have our LD 4sale, listed on the forum. Longtime friends gave us a Class A diesel w/slide that we're trying for our next season.
    Jeannette joins sending greetings. If you come close to SoCal, perhaps we could meet-up. The CARAVAN in October will be at Catalina RV in Desert Hot Springs. BTW, hy may have seen the 2006 like yours 4sale in No.Calif.

  7. Great to hear from you! And how lucky you are to have a Class A to travel in. We've thought about getting one but just can't break ourselves from the Lazy Daze. We are now members of Jojoba Hills, so almost your neighbors in CA. We won't be back in CA until November but maybe we'll see you at a future Lazy Daze gathering.

  8. Rather convenient parking so near the brewery. I do love all those bridges along the Oregon coast. Hope you visit the aquarium.

    1. Didn't make it to the aquarium but did visit the Marine Science Center. We always feel bad seeing the fish in tanks.

  9. The Oregon coast continues to be our preferred summer locale. Great shots of that wonderful bridge. We've missed the brewery in the past but definitely need to include it next year!

  10. Cape "P" NFS campground is the best!..It can be foggy 2 blocks towards the coast and more pleasant in the valley of the campsites..
    Just my opinion....Cooler when it's too warm also...