Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bryce Canyon National Park, UT

We were a little disappointed when we arrived here, after the beauty of Zion for a week. Being at 8000’ elevation, there are no mountains around us, since we are at high point on a plateau. It took awhile to find suitable campsites, since the campgrounds are not really set up for big RVs, but we managed to get sites and after getting settled in, realized it was very pretty and quiet here.


We are staying in the Sunset Campground, since the North Campground went on reservations only a couple days before we arrived. There seemed to be more sites for longer rigs at the North Campground, but there is no power or water at either. In fact, as we found out, the dump station and water to fill your tank has not been opened yet, so we had to go to Bryce City and fill our water at the Sinclair station. The camp host said they don’t open the dump until there is no more chance of freeze, and apparently the night temps have only been above freezing for a week now. She assured us they would be opening soon.

After getting set up, we took a walk over to Sunset Point to hike the Rim Trail to the Visitor’s Center. Our whole perspective changed the minute we looked into the canyon. Unbelievable!


P5100033 P5100044 P5100038

After seeing the people on the trails down in the canyon, we were anxious to hike down in, which we did yesterday. It was so different being amongst the “hoodoos”, rather than looking down on them. The trails are quite steep with switchbacks, but flat once you get to the bottom, and you get to go through some narrow slots and tunnels.


P5110005 P5110006 P5110011 P5110013


Unfortunately, the trails are pretty crowded, and we’ve come to learn that the European tourists will not move out of the way if they are coming towards you. It’s great they are here spending their money in our country, but they need to learn some manners. Guess they don’t care to impress us.


  1. Your photos of this entire area are AMAZING! Wow, I wish my photography skills were that good.

    We traveled that area a couple years ago, and your pictures brought back many fond memories...

  2. Hi Louise,
    Glad you're enjoying the photos. Jim takes the majority, so have to give him the credit.