Friday, May 22, 2009

Moab, Utah


Arrived here Wednesday, not being sure where we were going to camp. We originally wanted to stay in Arches National Park, but after talking to the camp host at Kodachrome, who told us we would have to be there before 7am to get in line for a site, we decided to try someplace else. Since it is Memorial Day weekend, we knew it might be difficult to find a site anywhere. There are several BLM campgrounds along the Colorado River,  just past Arches on Hwy 128 (a gorgeous drive, by the way), bordering the park. Only 2 have sites for RV’s, and the first one was full when we got there in the afternoon. Went 5 miles down the road to Big Bend, and we were able to get sites, but not on the river. Got up early yesterday and managed to get 2 sites at Goose Island, but again not on the river. Thanks to Debbie, we managed to line up a couple river front sites, and moved over to them today. It is beautiful here, and only about 2 miles to Arches and Moab.

Having done quite a bit of mountain biking in our younger, stupider days, we had always longed to ride the trails in Moab, especially the famous Slickrock.P5210071

Don’t think we’ll be riding it, but at least we got to see it! Unfortunately, it had rained a little, so there weren’t many people around. Did manage to catch these 2 guys at the start.


The sign says there are steep drop offs, and only experienced riders should attempt the trail. Guess we won’t be renting any mountain bikes, although there must be 20 bike shops in town.

Besides biking, Moab is a huge center for hiking, river rafting, off road vehicle and jeep riding. This is one of the jeep trails we saw and actually watched one go up. P5210069 

Also ate dinner at a great place, the Moab Brewery. The beer was excellent, and the Veggie Burrito was one of the best we’ve ever had.

Now if we can find a great pizza here, this will definitely be on our  list of places we must come back to.

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