Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homemade Trailer

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While camping at Capitol Reef National Park we saw this homemade wooden trailer and spoke with the couple that owned it.  He made it about 12 years ago and took five months to build it.  Started it on New Years Day and finished it 5 months later. By the way, he didn’t have a garage so I suspect it got cold sometimes during construction. It appears to be very well made and is completely primitive.

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He got the wheels from a combine and said that he designed the trailer after he got the wheels. They are from Montana and he is obviously a talented craftsman.

The round copper tank on the left side holds cold water.

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The wood burning stove has a copper tank attached to the side and will provide hot water.

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The two large drawers that are partially pulled out serve as steps to the bed.

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In the upper right of the picture they have their wine rack.

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You might be able to make out the name Spike Africa on the arch right above the back window. They said he was a sea captain friend of theirs who was quite a character. In fact, the license plate on the trailer is S Africa.

Needless to say they couldn't hardly get set up for folks stopping by to see it and they took it in stride.

Now if only I can find a hat like his.


  1. That homemade is amazing! The kids liked it too. -Fowlerz

  2. Replies
    1. If the bio of him is true he sounded like a character. I also read Hayden's book, The Wanderer.