Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Living Desert, Palm Desert, CA


The Living Desert is a zoo and botanical garden in Palm Desert, similar to the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, in Tucson, which we haven’t seen yet. The difference is The Living Desert has plants and animals from all four North American deserts and Africa, where the one is Tucson only features the Sonoran Desert.

We got there by 9:30 to take the guided Nature Walk. We were the only 3 who showed up for it, which would have been okay except that our guide, a very nice gentleman, kept asking us questions we didn’t know the answers to, and we felt like we were in school and hadn’t studied for the test. I think Jim made a face or rolled his eyes or something at one point, and the guide realized we were not having a good time, so he promised to tell us things and not ask any more questions. We learned a lot if only we can remember it.

They have a very impressive animal hospital, but there were no procedures taking place when we were there. There is a huge viewing area with monitors, so visitors can watch.

Here are just a few of the animas we got to see.

A bat-eared fox.




Golden eagle.

The Living Garden,  Palm Desert

Serval. He was a beautiful cat.




Laughing Kookaburra.


This was Jim’s favorite. The small white sign near her feet says “I can bite”.


We enjoyed the park, but the best part of our day was lunch at ZPizza afterward.

Last evening our lovely and quiet park was taken over by the weekenders, with lots of tents, loud music, screaming kids, etc. Our next door neighbors even had the nerve to tie their tent to Debbie’s motor home when the wind picked up during the night, but she made them move it. There is a chance of rain and strong winds predicted for today and tomorrow, so we’re hoping it blows their tents away and they go home.

To top it off, one of Jim’s crowns came off while brushing his teeth last night. It’s been months since he had a dental problem, so I guess he was due. This is shaping up to be a great weekend.

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