Monday, November 22, 2010

We’ve Had Better Weekends


Here is what we got to look at all weekend, and since the rains never came, our neighbors stayed through the howling winds and dust. The gray and black tent on the far left is the one they tied to Debbie’s bumper. This is one of the rare times it wasn’t blown over.


Here is what it looked like most of the weekend.


The group of guys, kids, and a dog, spent most of their time drinking beer and rum, cussing, fishing, and peeing wherever and whenever they felt like. That was when they weren’t breaking beer bottles and throwing fish heads in the fire pit. We did complain but the camp host didn’t seem too interested. The second night Jim called to complain again, and a different host came down and talked to them, which did keep them much quieter Saturday night.

It took them all day to pack up the three tents and gather all the other junk they had laying around. The site looked like this until about 4 o’clock Sunday afternoon when they finally threw the rest of their stuff in a truck and left at 4:30. Checkout time is 1:00, but no one seems to enforce any rules here.


For our complaints going unanswered, we were offered 2 free extra nights, so we took them up on it. We are just hoping this coming weekend will be a bit quieter.

Here are some photos from the Cove to Lake hiking trail in the park. We got to peer down into the neighboring golf course.


And came upon this horse sculpture along the trail. There was no plaque to explain what it was doing there.


We’ve also walked around the lake several times, which we think is about 2.5 miles. It’s a pretty walk. It was especially so at sunset the other night when there were some clouds in the sky.

P1030358 - Copy




Jim just got back from three hours at the dentist after having a new crown made. The one that fell off had a big hole in it so it couldn’t be cemented back on. In our two years of full-timing, Jim’s dental care has been one of the biggest expenses!

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