Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Images from Catalina State Park


These are some shots we took from the Romero Canyon trail, a tough hike to the Romero Pools. If you get to the pools it’s 5.6 miles round trip. We should have driven to the trail head, since it’s about a mile hike just to the start from the campground. We got pretty hot and tired with maybe a half mile or more to go, so we decided to turn back, but it was still a good hike.

Great views and the ocotillo and some trees were actually green. It has been very dry this year so everything is brown compared to when we were here in 2010.




Much of the trail was steep and rocky. I was on my butt going down on this part.  Better than falling.


We spotted one lone wildflower on the entire hike.


Our hummingbird feeder has been very entertaining. Besides quite a few hummingbirds, the male and female Gila woodpeckers come every day, and this cute little verdin visits often.


A few days ago we spotted what we thought was a kestral on top of this saguaro. When I enlarged the photo it turned out to be two of them.


In other news, both cats went to the vet since we’ve been here. Turns out Quincy also is in the early stages of kidney failure, so at least they both get to eat the same food now. Oreo had his blood tests repeated and his numbers are actually a little better since we changed his diet. I went for a routine physical, which was fine pending blood work. And Jim is going for his cataract surgery tomorrow. Maybe things will settle down one of these days and we can stay away from medical facilities.


  1. I think I see'd a Juliette in them pictures of the Romero Trail, but you never did show any of them Romero's. Maybe it were to hot fer them to be out or they'd already found a Juliette.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pics -- makes me want to visit:) Pray all goes well for Jim tomorrow. God bless!