Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mt. Lemmon, AZ



We picked one of the hottest days so far to take a drive up the Catalina Hwy to escape the Tucson heat. Although it is only 13 miles as the crow flies from Catalina State Park, unfortunately we had to drive over 50 miles to get there on paved roads. It was a lovely drive once we got out of town and started up the mountain road.


Good thing Jim was a careful driver and didn’t cause us to end up like this unfortunate vehicle we saw from one of the overlooks.


It was so nice to see the temperature dropping on the climb up to Mt. Lemmon at over 9,000 feet. We started the drive in the desert and ended up in a tree covered forest with snow. Quite a contrast in about an hour. We had to stop for an early picnic lunch at 5,000 feet since it was already getting cool and breezy. By the time we got to the top it was 63. We did take a short hike and it was nice to smell the pines.




Snow, but not enough for the skiers.



There were lots of warning signs for bears, but all we saw were bees and butterflies.


There is a small community, Summerhaven,  almost at the top. There was a big fire in 2003 so it has been rebuilt. Lots of nice looking vacation homes scattered around and a couple restaurants


It was 93 when we got back into Tucson, definitely worth the drive.


  1. What beautiful views! It is amazing at how the temps change with elevation....snow even!!

  2. I.M. thinkin' you put that dropped zero in their just to see if sum smart feller like I.M. would come along and catch it. It were a write nice post that has me and Nilda a hopin' we gets out their again someday so we can drive 50 miles in 13 two.

    As yer greatly devoted reeder, let me know if I win a prise like streets and trips fer being the first to find that airer in yer blog. If there ain't no prise, I ain't a gonna be showin ya the arrow of yer ways in the future, but I'll still keep a readin' you.

    Me and Nilda's blog

  3. IM, thanks for letting me know about the typo but sorry, no prize! You are still welcome to point out my "airers" anytime you come across them.

  4. Great views...I think I like the temp better in the mountains! I like the butterfly photo.

  5. Beautiful pics...I'd drive 50 mi for much cooler air too. The community of Summerhaven needs a RV community:)

  6. Nice find of cooler temps and great scenery, too. Sometimes it's nice to get outta' Dodge and breathe cold air.