Thursday, March 24, 2011

Suckers Born Every Minute



Hi, this is Jim long time no see. First off, Gayle told me to post this, who knows why.

What does this image have to do with the title. I just noticed that this new diet book debuted at number 4.

It is the 17 day diet proving there is no shortage of gullible folks out there. Gayle reminded me of a diet book idea I had several years ago. First, consider the idea copyrighted so I better not see this title come out.

I call it the Phases of The Moon diet. The idea is that you can fill your plate the equivalent of the size of the moon, and no that is not the actual size of the moon. Eat whatever the hell you want. I have no idea if it works and since this paragraph contains the entire concept I am not sure what to put in the other 150 pages but probably fictitious before/after photos.

Have a good one, now back to our regularly scheduled blogger.


  1. Somewheres between the word "Suckers" and the word "bloggers." in yer post you lost me completely. Which considerin' the way my brain don't work ain't necessarily to hard.

  2. Hey, you probably have a best seller there. Put in some recipes and the before/after pictures and away you go!!