Friday, March 11, 2011

Velvet Elvis and the Trogon


After I typed the title I realized it would make a great name for a heavy metal band. Instead, Velvet Elvis Pizza Company is where we enjoyed gourmet pizza with Chuck and Carla yesterday. They are spending the week in Tucson, and made the almost 70 mile drive to join us for lunch. Now those are good friends!



Besides the velvet Elvis, the rest of the decor was interesting, too.


This restaurant is listed in USA Today’s 51 best pizza places in the country, one from each state, which is a big deal considering Patagonia, AZ is in the middle of nowhere. We would definitely eat there again.

Late yesterday afternoon we took a walk along the birding trail by the creek and lake, and stopped to chat with a guy who said he had just seen a Trogon. We had no idea if a Trogon was animal, vegetable or mineral, but he whipped out his bird book to show us a picture. What a beautiful, parrot sized tropical bird. As luck would have it, we saw some people taking pictures and quietly walked over to them. Sure enough, the Elegant Trogon was perched on a limb. He flew off just after Jim snapped this shot. We guess it was a big deal since the guy said people even come from Europe to get a look at this bird.


Not so rare but still entertaining to us were all the cattle and deer we saw on our walk.



It was a very good day indeed.


  1. Hi Guys...... Great pictures as usual. Chuck looks just like Steven Speilberg in that picture. Thanks for all the pictures with my girl on them, in fac she is on some other ones on other blogs. yea!! Jim good luck with your eye "thingy"...Pat

  2. This is why I read these here blogs. Ya learn something new all the time. I knowed about that helen of troy and her trojan horse. No I knows about elvis of trojan and his toy cow.