Monday, July 16, 2012

Cayton Campground, Rico, CO



It was a beautiful drive along the Dolores River to Cayton Campground, a San Juan National Forest Service campground about 20 miles south of Telluride. Since rain was predicted in the afternoon, we got an early start and arrived before noon. The rain didn’t wait, though, and we had drizzle and clouds most of the way. We wanted cooler weather and we sure found it. It was only 52 degrees when we arrived here at elevation 9200’.

Many of the sites are on reservation, but we got lucky again and got two of the last open sites. We actually have electric (we were surprised the sites without power were full) and there are non-threaded water spigots. There is a “dry dump” (no water) but it costs $10 even if you are camping here. We are paying $13.50 with the senior pass ($22 without).

Our sites are right next to a stream, but the downside is the sound of the rushing water doesn’t drown out the road noise from Hwy 145, just above the campground.


This is just behind our site.


And the road is behind the power pole. 


Since there is no phone or internet here, we took a drive to check out two other forest service campgrounds, Matterhorn and Sunshine, about 10 miles north, but weren’t all that impressed. We did have a good Verizon signal there, though. Since we only paid for two nights here, we will do some more exploring today to figure out where we’ll go next.

It wasn’t a good day for taking photos on our drive over Lizardhead Pass, which is over 10,000’, since it looked like this. The clouds were certainly interesting, though.


We drove around Trout Lake looking for boondocking spots


and came across this old trestle. 


This is beautiful country. If we’re lucky we’ll get to see it with the sun shining.



  1. If you get a chance stop in Telluride. It is a neat old western town with some old hotels and bars. I went there years ago when I skied and really liked it.

  2. Oh, you're so lucky to be in such beautiful country and cool weather! We loved it up in that area. I second Jimbo's recommendation as far as Telluride thought it's been some years since I've been there.

  3. You are certainly surrounded by gorgeous scenery, and not everyone has a wild feline visit their site! :)

  4. I love all the campsite luck you are having. Sorry for the traffic noise, I hate that. But definitely beautiful and I sure envy you the temperatures. 90+ degrees where we are. Not that we'd know it trapped inside as we are.

  5. I think the photos are lovely. Sometimes when the skies are just one solid color of blue it doesn't show off the surroundings. I like clouds in my photos...if possible.

  6. I have a reservation at that campground for the last weekend in July.. I hate being without cell service or internet but figure I could go into the town of Rico to access cell service.

  7. What a find with the trestle! Was it safe to walk out on? I'd be a camera-happy girl in that spot!

  8. Beautiful spot, really nice to have a running river behind your site. Bummer about the Verizon! I've decided to head south to NM, but am interested in where you go for my summer travels next year. :)

  9. Is that your cat wandering about? I've seen it in other photos of yours.

    It looks like you let it out without a leash. How does that work out? How do you keep fleas, ticks, etc. off kitty cat and out of your RV?

    We have two cats and both would love to go outdoors, but I don't want unwanted insects in our home.

    Thanks for any tips or tricks.


  10. Can you tell me what camping spot you stayed in. Planning a visit in a month and want that spot if it is reservable.

  11. We were in sites 16 and 17, but those are non-reservable.