Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dillon Pinnacles Trail and Internet Woes



This 4 mile round trip trail ascended to take us along an interesting geological formation, the Dillon Pinnacles, an area of huge rock spires.




With outstanding views of Blue Mesa Reservoir, big rocks, and a fairly easy climb up, it was an enjoyable hike.



We haven’t had much luck with wildlife lately, but on the way home there was a not-so-bighorn sheep eating grass just off the highway. It was wearing a tracking collar, and was unfazed by the cars and trucks zipping by. We really prefer to see wildlife a bit farther off the beaten path.



When we first arrived here at Curecanti, we seemed to have a fairly good internet connection with our booster. A few days ago we were having trouble just loading or trying to send an email. At first we thought it was just fluctuations in the signal, since our phone barely has one bar and keeps switching from Verizon to Extended Network, but Debbie wasn’t having as much trouble as we were. After a couple of frustrating days and barely using the computer, we got to thinking there must be a problem with our equipment.

Yesterday we took a drive northeast of Gunnison to look at several forest service campgrounds, since Jim was looking for a place with a better signal. As we were discussing it, he realized he hadn’t thought about checking our Wilson antenna. He got up on the roof when we got back and found that the wire had been cut, due to the way he had it secured. He attempted but wasn’t able to get it spliced back together properly. After many phone calls but no luck finding one at the few electronics stores and Radio Shacks in Gunnison, Crested Butte, and Montrose, he called Wilson and they will be shipping out a new antenna Monday at no charge. Talk about great customer service, since it is 4 years old and Jim told the guy it had gotten damaged. Debbie had a similar experience with receiving a new antenna at no cost a few months ago when hers came off the roof and broke. Nice to know there are still companies out there that give such good service.

Debbie has been kind enough to let us steal her signal until our new antenna arrives, so we are back on line. One more problem solved, time for another hike.


  1. Ok, I need an email with a link to Wilson... and let me know which model you use. We often camp on the fringe of service like you guys. One must blog while the inspiration is "hot." Now if Wilson could only make an amplifier for Band Width....
    Nice photos with the pinnacles, water and clouds :))

  2. Mark, I have been using the Wilson Trucker antenna for years now. My first one held up through all sorts of vegetation encounters until a three inch diameter tree limb in Big Bend got it. I replaces with the same model. It is one tough antenna that works well.

  3. That is really good to hear that somebody stands behind their product like Wilson does. I too have a Wilson antenna and wouldn't be able to get any reception without it and my booster. It sure makes life easier.

  4. I was going to ask the same question as Mark, above. I want to get a Wilson antenna and amplifier, and I'm interested in exactly what you have. If it's working for you, I'd like to duplicate what you have. Thanks! :)

    Beautiful up-close photos of the pinnacles.

  5. Here is the link to the kit we use.

    Ours is the 811214. However, I am not sure if it works on 4G networks.

  6. Glad to hear you figured out the problem and that Wilson was so generous. And your friends too. I sure wouldn't have wanted to miss these pictures. What a gorgeous place. What fabulous color. These are really beautiful.

  7. That looks like a neat hike. Someday, we will have to stay in Colorado and check it out.

  8. My kind of hike! Great pictures, great color.

  9. What a small world. Guess where we hiked today? Dillon Pinnacles! Your photos are great!