Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Last Day in Lincoln City


The wind was relentless yesterday, but it was less foggy, so Debbie and I started out with a morning beach walk and more tide pools. Her dogs had a great time running like crazies but the wind was cutting through us and we didn’t last long. We did see lots of good sea life and it’s such a great alternative to get a look at things you can’t otherwise see without diving, a hobby we’ve never been interested in, especially since Jim can’t swim.



As we were headed back, Rupert and Elliott made friends with Winston, a three month old Shihpoo puppy.


The other cute dog was a Maltipoo, but Winston won our hearts. When I got back I told Jim it was a good thing he wasn’t there, or he would be wanting to trade in the cats for a Shihpoo.


After laundry and lunch we were tired of the wind and knew there was no way we were doing one last beach walk. So it was on to plan B, a 20 mile drive to the trailhead for Drift Creek Falls in the Siuslaw National Forest. It was 59 degrees, blustery winds, and foggy when we left the coast. What a difference it makes to get inland. We had sunny skies, 77 degrees and just a light breeze when we arrived at the trail. What a beautiful hike!



After a gentle descent and 1.25 miles, it is necessary to walk out on this 270’ suspension bridge to see the 65’ falls. I was a little apprehensive with my fear of heights, but for some reason this didn’t bother me at all. Kim had a little more trouble and decided to go back and wait on us. I’ve been there more times than not, so I could completely understand. Phobias are such a strange thing.




The trail continued to descend another half mile down to the creek for a different perspective.


On the way home we made a quick stop to look at this covered bridge.


And we got back just in time for happy hour at Aces, the lounge at the Chinook Winds Golf Course. Tuesday was $2 pints of draft beer, a real bargain, and they had a huge selection of Oregon and Washington craft beers on tap. Kim and Debbie also partook of the $2 sliders, all meat of course. It was a nice way to end our stay in Lincoln City. Today Kim is heading inland and we are moving up the coast. We may catch up with her later this month on the Olympic Peninsula.


  1. Don't you just love the rich color of those sea stars. Awesome.

    What a gorgeous trail. But, again, you won't find me on that bridge.

  2. Hope you guys have a good time on the Olympic Peninsula!

  3. I had no idea starfish came in such a range of colors. They're really pretty. Why did I think they were always brown? Great photos. Cute puppy.

  4. Those WERE cute little devils. It seems like all the X-poo dogs are nice, unless it be a pit-poo or a basset-poo.

    That said, full poodles would be more popular if people stopped giving them La Cage aux Folles hairdos, cropping their tails, and painting their toe-nails pink.

    1. Couldn't agree with you more. Whats up with that? You aren't supposed to be agreeable.


  5. Oh those sea stars. They are really gorgeous. Wind really is so tiring. That's a great hike you chose. What a beautiful waterfall. I'm lucky that for the most part heights don't bother me. Boy those poodles definitely get around. There are poos of about every breed you can think of.

  6. Beautiful hike and the falls worth every step! I have found that the height of the railing or fence makes all the difference in how I handle heights, and if I'm sitting (like a ski lift) it doesn't bother me at all. Weird. Yep, seems everybody wants poodle in their mix these days. Most people think our Wheaten Terrier is a Labradoodle :-).

  7. You're becoming our go-to source for great hikes! Thanks for sharing your hiking experiences.

  8. Beautiful pictures. Oregon
    Coast is in our back yard and we haven't been there in many years, time to go again, thanks for the reminder.