Monday, October 17, 2011

Fort Pickens Campground, Pensacola Beach, FL



We had reservations beginning today at Fort Pickens but after talking to our friend Candy the other night we decided to arrive in the Pensacola area a day early and spend the night in Mike and Candy’s driveway. They live in Milton, FL on Mulat Bayou, just across the I-10 bridge over Escambia Bay. We had a lovely spot to park, but had to go around back to see the water. Not that we were complaining given the price!




Mike’s 83 year old mom, whom we dearly love, even came from Crestview to see us. She still plays golf and travels and seems much younger. She is on the left talking with Candy. The indoor shots I took of everyone didn’t turn out.


They have a great location to watch the sunset over the bay.


This morning we went to pick up our mail at American Home Base. On the way there we drove by our old house. We are so glad we don’t have that yard to keep up anymore, and it looked like the new owners aren’t doing a very good job. It was a constant struggle to keep the grass growing.


Since Mike took a few days off work, he went for a bike ride with us when we got back, and we finally made our way out to Pensacola Beach later this afternoon. We got a very nice, shaded site, of which there aren’t many due to all the tree damage from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. This is how much of the campground looks.


Jim’s brother Travis came by after we got set up and I went and did some laundry while they visited.


Tomorrow morning we each have a doctor’s appointment, then we’re visiting our former neighbors in the afternoon, and meeting some other friends for dinner. Looks like we’re going to be busy here.


  1. Glad you arrived safe & sound. I see sun -- no rain. From the weather, FL seemed to be getting a lot of rain. Weather changing here after midnight -- rain & drop in temps.

  2. That's a nice place to park for free!! And the campground looks nice too. Hopefully the trees will be back one day.

  3. What a lovely spot your friends have. Beautiful sunset. Sure hope I will look like that at 83.


  4. It is always nice to meet up with friends and family. Enjoy your visits.

  5. So glad you pointed out Candy was not the 83 year old in the she is too!! Just makes me miss you guys more! Looks very pretty might just decide to stay? D.