Saturday, October 15, 2011

Paul B. Johnson State Park, Hattiesburg, MS



We drove another 100 miles yesterday to Hattiesburg and a stop at Paul B. Johnson State Park. This is familiar territory to us, as we’ve stayed here quite a few times over the years when we lived in Pensacola.

Since we were last here close to four years ago they have added sewer hookups to all the sites and it is only $20 a night. We are in the newest campground right across the street from the lake. Many of the sites have nice views of the water.


Today we went to Hattiesburg to ride bikes on the Longleaf Trace, a 41 mile Rails-To-Trails paved trail that starts at the University of Southern Mississippi and goes to Prentiss.


The first couple miles go over and under several bridges and underpasses, but then it becomes rural, wooded, and shady, with very few people. We rode 15 miles to Sumrall and decided we better turn around. When we had our recumbents we would come here and easily ride 50 miles, but on upright bikes we’re just not as comfortable so 30 is about our limit.

It was a beautiful day but no pictures. Too busy riding!


  1. Nice park -- we'll have to remember it -- when & if we ever get to leave LR.

  2. 30 miles is a good ride for anyone on any bike I think. About the most I can do. Maybe I should try a recumbent. Could you not bring those with you on some sort of bike rack??

    Looks like a great park I'm writing down. Water and a bike trail are definite pluses.


  3. The recumbent story is too long to tell but yes you can carry many of them on normal bike racks.

    I for one intend to go back to one when possible.

    For us they were the difference of riding about 15 miles at a time max to routinely riding 40-60 miles at a time and still feeling pretty good.


  4. I just wish they weren't so expensive. They look like a really comfortable ride.