Sunday, December 4, 2011

Immersion in Bentsen Palm


Our backyard.


So we’re here at Bentsen Palm RV Park, might as well act like a Winter Texan and get involved. Yesterday morning I helped decorate the clubhouse for Christmas. I always liked decorating our house and yard, but now it takes me about 3 minutes to put up the few things we have room for. I had fun and met some nice people.

Last night we played card bingo at the clubhouse. We met some more nice people but probably won’t be doing that again. The woman sitting beside me  was pretty funny. She said next week she was going to drink more before she came! I had to agree with her. Maybe if we had won it would have been more fun, but it was pretty boring and it cost us $4.50.

Tonight was pizza night. We sat with some of the people we played bingo with last night, and met some others on our walk home. It’s a friendly bunch that stays here in the winter and we are really enjoying ourselves.

We got the Lazy Daze washed, which always makes me glad we don’t have a bigger rig. Worked out a couple times in the fitness center, which felt good. Also been doing some biking. Rode around the state park yesterday and the 5 mile paved Mission hike/bike trail today. For all we’ve done it feels like we’ve been here a lot longer than 5 days. And looking at the national weather, we are glad to be here. It’s been in the low 80s and not too humid. Perfect shorts weather, which makes Jim happy. And Quincy is always happy, just too big for his new favorite box.


More bird pics from yesterday. Female golden-fronted woodpecker. Thanks to Judy and Martha for identifying it.



Love the green jays, they’re everywhere.


Finally got a good look at a couple of Altamira Orioles, such beautiful birds.


Tuesday we’ll be driving to Nuevo Progreso for a Mexican adventure. Jim found a dentist there who came highly recommended by other RVers, so he is having his broken crown replaced for $170. Sure beats the $1,050 our old dentist in Pensacola was going to charge. He figures how bad can it be? The crown that cracked was put on by a Palm Desert, CA dentist 10 months before it broke. Can the dental care in Mexico be any worse? Guess he’ll find out soon.


  1. I sure wish I had your weather here in Fernley, NV. It got down to 10 last night and will shoot up to 39 for the high today.

  2. Looks like a female golden-fronted woodpecker to me.

  3. All this sounds just wonderful even the bingo which I love if the crowd is good. Sounds like lots of good biking. Hope there is also hiking. I've got this spot on my list for next winter for sure.

    Good luck on the crown. I'll be waiting to hear the results and then I'll probably need the name of this dentist. You do have to really wonder about the price difference don't you? Why are drugs and dental SO much more expensive in this country? I suppose it might be that lots of folks in Mexico don't have jobs which is why they want to come here.


  4. Quincy reminds me of our Bella. Loves to curl up in areas too small for her. Must be a comfort thing.
    We spent last winter in Mission at Leisure Valley. We are headed that way again the end of the month. We had our teeth done in Nuevo Progresso also. If you don't like your dentist, we have a great one. Love the bird pictures. I hope I get some this year.

  5. Sounds like you are having fun -- except maybe the trip to the dentist. Great pics. One day maybe we'll get to winter in TX:)

  6. Love your posts. I enjoy seeing how others full-time as that is my plan when I retire next year. There's a neat couple from Alabama who started full-timing and are currently camp-hosting at Trade Winds RV park in Mission TX You might want to look them up.