Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All’s Well But We’re Still In Flag



We made our last trip to Scottsdale yesterday for Jim’s appointment with the vascular surgeon, Dr. Money. (Love that name.) He looked at the ultrasound and examined Jim’s legs and said he is fine. The clots are in the greater saphenous vein, which is just a superficial leg vein, even though the name doesn’t sound very superficial. Said the vein had sealed itself off, there is no risk of deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism from this, and the vein had done the same thing they would do with the laser or radiofrequency procedures that are done for varicose veins. What great news! No blood thinners or surgery necessary.

Now that we don’t have to be so close to Phoenix and are free to go wherever, we just couldn’t get up any enthusiasm to move on. But we had overstayed our 14 day limit so this morning we drove a few miles from our site on the AZ Trust Land and found another lovely spot in the Coconino NF with a view of the mountains from a different angle. And we still have 4G here.


We really like Flagstaff and wanted to hang around a little longer to figure out where to spend the rest of the summer and fall. Maybe the Grand Canyon, then work our way to the Sierras in California, with a stop in Vegas to visit our former neighbors who are now living there. Plus our friends are still here, so we wanted to get together with them again.

Speaking of Maureen and Eric, we went to check out their campsite and hike a little of the Arizona trail with them on Monday. Maureen found a toad, and even wrote a poem about him. He was very cute.

Their nice looking ‘97 Lazy Daze.


Mr. Hornby. Jim just had to pet him.



On our way to the Mayo yesterday we got a large rock chip in the windshield from a passing truck. Jim took it to be repaired this afternoon but it didn’t turn out well, so they are replacing the windshield tomorrow. Seems like almost every day some little irritating thing like that has to happen.

But Elvis and Sophie aren’t very concerned. They just patiently wait for the next hummingbird.



  1. Oh how wonderful. I am so happy you blogged today. I was just about worried sick about Jim. Another prayer answered!

    Oh I hate when the windshield breaks. We had it happen two days in a row when we were in Livingston, TX. What a pain!!!

    Love the kids photo.

  2. Glad to hear you got the okay to travel verdict!

  3. What wonderful news from the Doc! Can't wait to see where you take off too. Hopefully a place with lots of hikes!. My the fur kids have gotten big!

  4. That's great news! I'm so glad the blood clots are nothing to worry about.
    Are you returning to the RGV for the winter?

  5. Great news about Jim!!!

    There are times when there are just too many little problems in a row...very frustrating!

    Glad you found a new beautiful location.

  6. So glad to hear that Jim's blood clot situation has worked out well. Can't wait to hear about your plans for summer travel. I like to know where my vicarious journey will take me next. :)

    - Joe

  7. Those are some beautiful sites you found. Glad to hear you are free to roam around again. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great news about Jim...kinda puts the windshield incident in perspective, eh?
    Box Canyon Mark

  9. So glad to hear Jim's body took care of the problem so you can be on your way when you want. Sorry to hear about the windshield. It does often seem like there is just one little thing after another. I sure would love to be able to boondock with freedom like you guys do. Your plan for the rest of the summer sounds super.

  10. GREAT news about Jim's leg. I didn't know that could happen. Bummer on the chip, though. It DOES seem like things happen all at once, but then usually a long time goes by with things working out well. You're about due for the good times. :)

  11. That was great news to hear about Jim's leg vein. Blood thinners are a real bummer.It sounds like you have some great plans in place now that you are free to travel.