Sunday, July 28, 2013

Road Runner RV Park, Las Vegas, NV



We had an uneventful drive Friday from Williams to Vegas, just the way we like it. Spent two nights at Road Runner RV Park, right on Boulder Hwy. Since it was so hot and our air ran 24/7 it drowned out the road noise. And at $16 a night (actually $17.92 with tax), it was a bargain for full hookups.


The sites were too close for our liking, but the power worked well and it was convenient to WalMart and Trader Joe’s. They had a couple of nice laundry rooms where the machines only cost $1.00. And the showers were excellent. By the time we shopped, did 4 loads of wash, took the car to a car wash to get the mud off, dusted, vacuumed and cleaned the inside of the car and the Lazy Daze, we were even too tired to go out to eat last night. Two nights in Vegas and never stepped foot in a casino.


We would definitely recommend this RV park for a Vegas stopover. A few years ago when we came through town we stayed at Sam’s Town Casino RV Park, just down the road. We considered staying there again but just weren’t impressed with the place. And it was $20/night (with tax), which did include a breakfast buffet, though.

We’re back on the road this morning, happy to be out of the big city. Not sure where we’ll spend the night, but we hope to be in the eastern Sierra Nevada mountains tomorrow. California, here we come!


  1. Prepare yourself for HIGH gas prices!

  2. Great recommendation. thanks so much. I don't know that I'll ever be in Vegas given how I hate big cities but I'm putting it on my list at that price it sounds like a great place to do laundry and other chores. :-)) Safe travels.

  3. You two sure have some strong will power not to hit at least one casino.