Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Las Vegas to Lee Vining


From Vegas another couple hundred miles took us to Tonopah, NV. We had planned to stay at the Tonopah Station Casino RV Park if it was really hot and we needed A/C, but with dark skies all around us the temperature was quite pleasant. Another casino a half mile down the road had a free RV overnight lot, but it was just dirt and right on the highway, so we continued on another 13 miles west to Miller’s Rest Area.


There were two other RVs when we arrived, but it is a huge gravel lot with room for many. The sign says 18 hour parking limit. Guess if they didn’t have that restriction people would be setting up residence. There is a restroom, RV dump, and several potable water faucets (open in summer only). Nice of Nevada to provide that for free.

About a half hour after we got parked we were hit by a huge dust storm. We could see Hwy 95 out our window, and it was amazing how few cars and trucks pulled over. Visibility was poor and we were pelted with blowing dirt.


The highway is just behind the trees.


After the wind died down and the dust cleared, the mountains came into view and we had a lovely sunset. It was a good place to spend the night.


Yesterday was our last day of driving for awhile, 120 miles to Lee Vining, CA on Hwy 395. It was hazy over the mountains and there was a funny smell, so when we stopped at the Forest Service/ National Park Service Visitor Center, the ranger told us there was a fire on the west side of Yosemite and we were seeing smoke from it. Great! This spectacular scenery and we can’t see it.

The wind shifted and it did clear up quite a bit in the afternoon. We lucked into another great boondock site overlooking Mono Lake with a view of the mountains on the other side. There is a $10 dump at a gas station just a couple miles away, and the Inyo National Forest has a water station about a mile past there on Tioga Pass Road. We plan to stay put for a couple weeks as there is a lot to do in this area. By the way, gas in Lee Vining ranges from $4.79 to 5.09/gallon. Oh yeah, we’re definitely in California!


But views like this for free? Priceless!




  1. Your having a great time and I am glad you blog so we can come along with you through the Internet. I enjoy your cat photos and stories.


  2. You hit the jackpot with Miller's. That is a ton of enmities for a short over-night stay.

    Your view out your window is gorgeous, but I really hate those gas prices!!!

  3. I sure wouldn't want to drive in that dust storm!

  4. Glad you were already parked when the dust storm hit. Nice spot there by Mono Lake.

  5. Looks like you've got a nice spot there.

  6. Dust storms are a big fear of mine. They do so much damage to paint and cause so many accidents. I'd never drive in one. Glad you were already at your campground. Looks wonderful. But the gas price, not so much.

  7. What a great spot. Love the Sierras!...Hate those CA prices! That's why we are no longer CA residents. Looking forward to seeing your adventures int he area.

    Metamorphosis Lisa

  8. Back in the mid 80s my buddy worked for the National Weather Service doing upper air soundings before an underground nuclear shot. He would turn off at Tonopah and head east into the middle of nowhere. He carried a sidearm for the snakes. He and I rode through a 70 mph dustdevil south of Tonopah in his jeep. Don't recommend that...!!

  9. You know you are in California when you pull into a gas station. That is a bummer about the smoke.

    I am finally at a spot near Green River, WY where I can actually get caught up on all my blogs (both reading and writing).