Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boardwalks, Waves, and a Peek at Hearst Castle



The boardwalk from Leffingwell Landing (part of San Simeon State Park) along Moonstone Beach is a great place to take an easy walk along the coast for over a mile without getting your feet wet.


We went a little crazy taking photos of the waves crashing over the rocks. This is nothing like the flat white sand beaches on the Gulf Coast of Florida that we were used to.





We did walk down onto the beach a couple times to get a closer look at the tide pools but didn’t see any interesting sea creatures.


The circle of life.


Nest building.


We also spotted this car, and Jim spent some time talking to the owner. It’s a ‘48 Mercury, and he used to restore old cars. Said he drives it every day.



Many people come to this area to visit Hearst Castle, just a few miles north of San Simeon State Park, and it is now actually owned by the California State Park system. We had no interest in paying $25/person for a tour, and since our friends David and Mary went there last month and posted such great photos on their blogs, we felt like we had already seen it! We did stop by the visitor center, which is as close as you can get unless you take a tour, but it is still five miles from the castle.

We did get to see some of the zebras left over from Heart’s zoo collection. Strange to see them out grazing with the cattle.



Quite an elaborate visitor center.




Jim contemplated buying this hat but it didn’t offer much sun protection. Good look, don’t you think?


This is all the closer you can get without coughing up 25 bucks.


Yesterday was cool and windy but we took a little walk on some of the trails on the Fiscilini Ranch Preserve in Cambria, and picked up a few groceries at the Cookie Crock Market.

The start of the trail passed below some overhanging houses.


And lots of moss covered trees.


Western scrub jay.


And a short climb to some views.




Our 3G internet connection has been very slow here, but at least we had one. Today we’re moving a bit farther north to Big Sur country, where we will be out of touch for a few days, or however long we last.


  1. Watching the waves any where just mesmerizes me. I can sit for hours and watch them. It is like watching flames in a fire. So beautiful.

    I think the hat is very becoming. He looks very British...hehe

  2. You passed on the Hearst, you may pass on San Francisco. Oh well, another day another trail. There is little hope for you. The hat is Jim.

  3. Great pictures of the waves. They are so impressive, aren't they?

  4. Beautiful area, I'd be lost for hours down by the tide pools.

  5. My brother and SIL visited Hearst castle several years ago and I was able to view their photos....stunning. I had no idea the tour was so pricey. I think we'd take a pass as well. Love that coastline. You're right, sure is different than the Gulf.

  6. Nice shots! The tide pools are usually best during a minus tide.

  7. Sure is a change of scenery for you. I like this type change for awhile. Crashing waves are so much more interesting than our level beach with your usual waves rolling in.

    I'd love to see the whole house that was over hanging the trail. Sure looks very strange!

  8. Never too many pictures of that gorgeous surf. I went to Hearst Castle nearly 40 years ago. Of course it wasn't nearly that expensive then and I guess was still owned by the family. Really ornate is all I remember. I like your scrub jay much better frankly. And the hat is perfect! You could use it as a driving cap.