Thursday, March 27, 2014

Warm and Fuzzy


We got an email yesterday from Z the cat’s owner. This is the kitten Jim found a home for while we were staying at the RV park in Virgin, Utah this past November.

“Z is doing well and has completely adjusted to the Southern California lifestyle. He gets along great with our dogs and often sits under our motor home during the day - which we love especially when we see him batting around the occasional mouse that dared to get too close.   We often find him lounging by the pool too...board shorts on and Mai tai in hand!  The vet calls him the "cat that found his family" and we are so blessed to have him.  We'll send more pics.”

photo (1)

Don’t you just love happy endings?


  1. Sounds like Paul.....board shorts on and Mai tai in hand! lol

  2. Love adopted kitty stories. Good job.

  3. I'm such a sap for a happy ending. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you for updating us on the cat--it sounds as if he hit the jackpot! Our boy Slim found us too & we're all happy he did.

  5. Just love when you update on Z. He's almost as lucky as Sophie and Elvis.